Homes For Sale Bridgewater at Lakewood Ranch

The Bridgewater subdivision is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Situated near urban shopping, residential trails, beaches and the everglades, residents have the option to stay home in luxurious high-end homes and relax or go out for a bit of adventure.

Located just south of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida, Bridgewater is centrally located to many popular areas in the state. For example, Tampa (the nearest big city) is a 50-minute drive while to north Orlando is about 2-1/2 hours away. And of course, a day at the beach is just a quick fifteen-minute drive.

Run by Schroeder-Manatee Ranch, the 33,000-acre Lakewood Ranch spreads across two counties. Lakewood Ranch is a planned community made of up multiple subdivisions of which Bridgewater is one. Each subdivision has its own theme. There are many that consist of single-family homes while others have condominiums, and there are areas with assisted living villas. There is also a shopping district with many stores and restaurants.

Inside the gated community of Bridgewater residents can also enjoy a playground for children, a swimming pool and many walking paths. Winding around lakes and open areas the paths also include work-out stations for those looking for a bit more than a leisurely stroll.

The homeowner’s association is managed by Icon Management. Residents pay a quarterly fee and in return have access to various amenities including maintenance.

Bridgewater in Lakewood Ranch – Homes for Sale

Bridgewater consists of single-family homes. The spacious three-to-six-bedroom homes range in size from 2,300 to 3,800 square feet. The typical cost for houses in Bridgewater is between $600,000 to $800,000 but a few are approaching one million.

Some houses are one story while the rest are two stories. Garages are large and typically hold up to three cars, or two cars and a golf cart if that is your thing. Many have swimming pools, and all have great views of the surrounding area. The lots are big, so the houses have some space between them, aiding in the overall feeling of “openness.”

The various lakes in the area are scenic backyards for many of the houses. Imagine sitting in your spacious living room and looking out the window through your swimming pool to a grass lawn, a small lake and in the background the wide-open blue sky. There is nothing to block your view.


The schools in the neighborhood are highly rated and easy to get to. There is an elementary, middle, and high school. There are also private schools nearby. Colleges are in the general area and residents won’t have any trouble commuting to and from their classes.

If you are looking for a beautiful neighborhood where you can both relax and participate in sports or go shopping, Bridgewater at Lakewood Ranch in Florida is the place to be. Any activity your family wishes is only a few minutes away.

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