Florida Man Report – August 16

August 16 – Florida Man Busted Keeping 11 Missing Zoo Animals in Apartment

When fighting loneliness, sometimes people resort to animal friendships over human ones. However, this is commonly pet animals, probably because keeping zoo animals is expensive and requires more effort. However, a 20-year-old Gainesville man might have thought zoo animals could survive anywhere, including the comfort of his apartment.

Imagine having nearly a dozen zoo animals in your apartment. Would you train them how to use the restroom or have to clean it every often? Besides, how do you get each animal’s food in the right amount? Well, Sedrick Price might have thought all that hassle was too much and simply decided to give the animals what he could get.

But in a state like Florida, having fun, especially outside the matrix, is almost impossible. I mean, everyone would be jealous of your 11-fold company and call the authorities. Bad thing, you may never know who snitched on you. So, sometimes you want to avoid letting the animals out, especially during the day. You might also want to figure out how to keep the animals safe, clean, healthy, and still remain unsuspicious. The 20-year-old apparently had less to worry about.

So, the community tipped authorities to his apartment, and he was arrested for stealing that many animals from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. He knew what it was like to have box turtles, red-foot tortoises, skinks, and squirrel monkeys under his roof. And while you thought the animals were getting the best treatment of their life, some of them needed urgent medication at the point of their rescue.

The process of tracking the animals was as hard as involving the zoo officials, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, the college community, and the members of Price’s community. How would a 20-year-old’s actions confound the minds of people who’ve been in office for so long? The thought of capturing wild animals on different days and not being busted showed the zoo had a long way to go for their animals’ safety.

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August 16 – Florida Man Gets Caught Trying to Leave Walmart With $172 Worth of Steak and Lobster Shoved in Pants

Anything for a surf and turf dinner, especially amid an inflated economy. A Florida man must have been feeling the inflation heat too much to pay $172 for steak and lobster. So, he thought a few packs of the meats would fit his pants and that he would leave Walmart with the bumps unnoticed.

What he didn’t know was no one was going to ask him about his actions until he tried to exit the store. I mean, someone could stash 6 packages of steak and 2 packages of lobster in their pants and unleash them upon getting to the counter. However, the security officers saw the man trying to leave the doors of the Brooksville Walmart, and you know what that means. 57-year-old Mark Alan Belkola was arrested and jailed on a $2,000 bond.

Had the man known he would eventually part with such big money, he’d stash his fridge with the best surf and turf combos to ever exist. However, he had to sit about in jail for a while to marshal the funds. About the steak and lobster, it’s unlikely that the store let the man have them. Imagine being an innocent customer and ending up with meats that were initially stuffed in someone’s pants…Gross!

Walmart must be having the best meats to be a hot target for food thefts. Another man was arrested for stuffing hot dogs in his jacket’s sleeves and lunch down his pants in a Walmart located at 1300 Doral Drive, according to the police. This time, the man was busted after a surveillance camera flashed his actions. While he had already gotten into his car and started driving, Walmart employees brought him back to the store and called the cops.

The man had stuffed 3 hotdog packages in his sleeves and a few packages of lunch meat down his pants.