Florida Man News – September 24

September 24 – Florida Man Trying to Travel “Back to the Future” Runs Car into Strip Mall

If you’re an ’80s kid, you must have wanted to get yourself a Toyota pickup and jet into the future. Well, such celebrations have continued on, with the recent one being the Electric DeLorean. We all loved to be in a car that traveled through different dimensions growing up, some of us swearing we would do that once we owned a car. While we grew up and knew better, some folks in Florida still held dearly the dream of exiting the current world and being in the future.

This didn’t come out of the blues, it happened during the “Back to the Future” celebrations and involved a Dodge Challenger, and of course a Florida man. The man sped up his car at the North Davis Highway and West Fairfield Drive intersection and instead of the car jetting off into the future, he ran through three businesses, leaving his car damaged. The vehicle barreled through a tax service shop and stopped at the rear entrance of the building’s double doors. Being a Sunday, there were no employees within the office. However, most of the office equipment including computers and furniture suffered extensive damage.

Emanuel Mores, General Manager of the tax business who happened to be within the facility, recounted the experience, comparing it to a bomb. At first, the manager said he was mad about the accident but later loosened when he learned no one was injured. The car also drove through the next shop, making it unsafe to get in there. Likewise, the man caused extensive damage to a casket business, forcing it to shut down.

The 40-year-old driver who had remembered to buckle his seat belt came out of the car unscathed. He was eventually taken to a medical facility for evaluation as cops handled his case. While it remains unclear whether he faced any lawsuit, he was charged with reckless driving.

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September 24 – Police in Search of Florida Man With No Hands and Legs Claim He’s Armed and On the Run

A quadruple amputee is termed as a “person of interest” in the murder of his parents after he went missing for a couple of days. The man without legs and arms was also declared dangerous for carrying around a gun and being on the run after cops went searching for him in vain. Imagine being killed by an armless man and then he goes missing! Well, that’s Florida for you!

You may wonder how Sean Petrozzino lost all his limbs. Well, it’s not out of a crime or anything related – he suffered bacterial meningitis that led him to the theatre for amputation. The man was a random family man in the Sunshine State before things started going south. He and his wife couldn’t settle their differences when faced with some financial constraints and ended up separating. The 30-year-old then moved in with his parents before the unthinkable happened.

The cops hadn’t yet announced Petrozzino as the official suspect in the double murder but his escape was a serious give-away. Besides, you may wonder why such a needy man thought of ending the lives of the only two people who could come in for him when everyone else wouldn’t, including his wife. So, whom was he left with? Questions like, who was helping him hide from the cops and how did he carry out the murder (if he was the one that did it) resonate.

Sean’s mother, Nancy Petrozzino was seemingly a good employee being that her presence was immediately felt on her first day of absence from work. After further research, it turned out that this was the same day she was murdered.

To answer a question we all have, a prosthetics expert told the Orlando Sentinel one doesn’t need a hand to shoot their victims – just the will. The expert revealed that most guns can be fired by armless (handless) people, even when not using special devices.