Florida Man News – June 27

June 27 – Florida Man Ends Up in Jail After Accidentally Sending Cops a Dashcam Video of Himself Stealing From a Beauty Shop

Xavier Inocencio Moran had been arrested and in jail, for wrongs he claimed he didn’t do.

However, before accepting to face the charges the deputies pressed against him, the man thought he could present a video that showed someone else had cut him off after he was engaged in a car crash in Royal Palm Beach. So, Moran signed a consent waiver to search the dashcam, which showed something else. The cops saw the 25-year-old burglarizing a beauty store. The man is seen pulling out a baseball bat from his car’s trunk before someone else uses it to break the beauty store’s glass door.

At this point, you may wonder if the man really had a video to exonerate him from the charges lurking over his head. If asked, I would rather he stayed in prison and fight off what’s already in hand rather than prompting another search.

The cops halted the search for the said video and arrested Moran again, charging him with burglary of a dwelling and possession of burglary tools. He was also jailed at the West Detention Center, facing a $5,000 bond.

In yet another exoneration story, a Florida man was shot dead for overspeeding, all caught on a deputy’s bodycam. The man, Leonard Cure ended up dying after a physical struggle with the cops. He had been released from prison after a wrongful arrest over drugs about 15 years before.

But after a few days of freedom, Cure was arrested for speeding over 90 mph before he engaged the officer in a fight. He ended up dead instead of going to jail.

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June 27 – Florida Senate Candidate Would Still Vy for The Seat Even After Admitting to Killing Goat and Drinking Its Blood for Pagan Sacrifice

Yet again, Florida presents an “out of this world story” of a pagan who decided he could vy for senator after performing his rituals. I mean, what’s it that hasn’t happened in Florida? All these weird stories seem to stem from the Sunshine State and no one seems to care. Or, could it be that other states were distracted by the craziness of Florida and forgot to make such crazy news themselves?

Well, a Florida man proved he was outside the matrix when he chose to appease his gods by slaughtering a goat, drinking its blood, and sacrificing it. The man famously known as Augustus Sol Invictus (meaning majestic unconquered sun, which is not his given name) indeed wasn’t ready to take any defeat even after learning information about his rituals had reached the public.

Despite knowing such news wasn’t the type people could okay, he still pressed his ambitions for entering the senator’s office. The Libertarian Party candidate had walked on foot to the Mojave Desert from Central Florida where he fasted for a week before returning to kill a goat and drink its blood. While this happened two years before he vied for the senator’s position, it still resonated with a few Floridians.

The 32-year-old told the Associated Press that he knew such things were a quibble to the minds of most Americans but they weren’t going to make him back down. And while he confessed to the publication that yes, indeed he drank the goat’s blood, people didn’t see his honesty as something to bank on. You know, there’s almost no honesty in the minds of politicians, so this was a rare kind but not too appealing. Instead, they saw someone very strange and who might not focus on what matters most.

So, he lost the seat. Adrian Wyllie, the party’s chairman, though shying away from press interviews, said Invictus brutally dismembered the goat.