Florida Man News – June 19

June 19 – Machete-Wielding Florida Man Disturbed the Peace at Karaoke Bar

Knowing how to read the room is crucial in karaoke circles; you don’t want to be that obnoxious singer who wants to have a go at yet another song if the bar crowd had enough and the DJ confirms it. Travis Jordan, a 39-year-old Florida man from Cape Canaveral, being told to give up the microphone was the reason he needed to pull an 18-inch machete and threaten other patrons at Kennedy’s Lamp Post Tavern, located on the same barrier island as the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

According to the arrest report filed by deputies from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses at the bar had seen Jordan drinking heavily since he arrived shortly after lunch and a few hours before the mobile karaoke DJ set up the equipment. Jordan got his name on the song queue early to avoid waiting too long for his turn; once he grabbed the mic, however, he did not want to let go.

By the time police officers arrived at the bar, a female bartender had talked Jordan into giving up the machete because he was scaring away patrons. He told the deputies that he started carrying the machete after getting threats a couple of days before; nonetheless, the deputies determined that no one in the establishment was threatening him, so they arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Getting arrested over a karaoke incident is considerably embarrassing, even for a Florida man, but this was not the end for Jordan. On the Facebook page of the Brevard Sheriff’s Office, his mugshot was transformed into a karaoke flyer, the kind that is handed out at nightlife districts to promote venues, and the New York Post ended up publishing a news report on the awkward situation.

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June 19 – Rushing to Taco Bell Landed Florida Man in Jail

Arriving late to a job interview is the kind of bad move that can be expected from a Florida man looking for work, but this was not going to happen to Jevon Jackson, or at least not to his girlfriend and her scheduled interview at a Taco Bell restaurant in Palm Bay.

According to a news report published by Law & Crime, Jackson is a 22-year-old former resident of Broward County who moved to the Space Coast with his girlfriend; he was driving a black Mercedes-Benz when an officer from the Palm Bay Police Department clocked him driving faster than 100 mph down Gates Street, which has a 40 mph posted speed limit. The officer was driving an unmarked car, and he first saw Jackson driving recklessly and overtaking other cars on a two-way thoroughfare with two solid yellow lines to impede passing.

By the time Jackson pulled over, he had almost caused three head-on collisions. Inside the vehicle were his girlfriend and three minors, one of them not wearing a seatbelt because the rear seat of the car only accommodates two passengers. When told by police that he was driving at speeds exceeding 100 mph, he argued that his speedometer never went over 75 mph, which on a 40 mph street still falls under the purview of grossly excessive speeds according to Florida traffic laws, so this would not have prevented his arrest and subsequent charges of reckless driving.

Jackson told the officer that he was in a rush to drop his girlfriend off at her job interview, but he did not have an explanation for driving with a suspended license. In addition to the two traffic charges, Jackson was also charged with child neglect for failing to provide a minor with a seatbelt.