Florida Man News – July 5

July 5 – Florida Man Dons Mop on the Head and Can’t Stop Banging Neighbor’s Door, Demanding an Egg

If you’ve ever thought of going mysterious, there’s literally nothing in this world that you can’t use. Mop? Perfect!

A Florida man might have been embarrassed in asking for an egg from his neighbor. Or… He probably thought of pulling a prank on his neighbor before asking for the egg. So, he took his mop, adorned his head with it, almost covering the entire face, and set out to his neighbor’s door. Upon getting there, the neighbor didn’t laugh as James Dizney Fields had expected. Instead, he opened the door, saw Fields, and locked it shut, leaving Fields stranded there.

The neighbor, as the arrest report stated, didn’t understand why Fields made such an appearance at his door. You wonder why the neighbor failed to talk to his 58-year-old neighbor or just give him what he wanted? The man explained Fields had always “terrified his entire family.”

What other option did the middle-aged man have besides starting a door-banging spree, with a mix of doorbell presses with his facial decorative mop?

That of course, caused a disturbance, which the neighbor wasn’t going to put up with. When the cops arrived, Fields, whose middle name is Dizney, said he was born a comedian. So, he intended to entertain his neighbor before asking for an egg and returning to his home to bake a cake.

If this was Fields’ point of view, the neighbor definitely ruined the vibe. However, Fields would’ve just walked on to the next neighbor or store after seeing his neighbor’s reaction, rather than banging the door and causing a disturbance. The 58-year-old was partially deaf, prompting the cops to communicate with him by writing.

He was eventually arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. The St. Port Lucie man faced a hefty $9,000 bond for this incident plus a different unrelated incident.

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July 5 – Florida Man Steals Mobility Walmart Scooter, Drives it to a Bar a Mile Away

A Florida man and his spouse must be partners in crime for stealing a mobility scooter. To be fair, those vehicles look appealing, especially when the walk through Walmart isles becomes tiresome. I mean, we’ve seen people ask for some space from the vehicle users. But the big deal here is thinking you can get away with stealing the vehicle from such a mega store as Walmart.

A Florida couple had come for other reasons when a spontaneous thought seemed too sweet to brush off. The couple saw a mobility scooter at a Largo Walmart parking lot and just wanted to know how it felt to drive the scooter, or whatever reason. So, they joyrode a mile west to Jimmy’s Sports Bar, parked it, and got into the bar.

Well, Jeffrey Robert Sabiel and Santa Marie Walters might have been carried away by the buzz and forgot they had just committed a crime. Or… They could have been planning what to say if cops showed up because they didn’t immediately admit they had stolen the vehicle. The couple parted with a freaking $2,000 having been charged with grand theft and booked into the Pinellas County Jail.

Walmart would rather learn from these scooter theft cases and start an auto partnership. People would opt for them when tipsy and a little too lazy to drive. Another Florida man rode a mobility scooter from the giant store to a bar half a mile away. Just like the couple, the man parked the vehicle between two cars and headed straight to the bar, probably thinking it would be useful for his journey home later.

A Deputy sheriff however ruined his plans after finding the vehicle and arresting him. The man, identified as Brice Kendell Williams, 32, faced a $2,500 bond and was charged with unauthorized use of a moveable.