Florida Man News – July 21

July 21 – Florida Man’s Sword Seems Like a Fishy Addition to the Fight

Fishermen have a reputation for being the kind of down-to-earth people who might have a fight or two while working. But a Florida man recently took that to a whole new level by severely injuring his coworker during an altercation at the docks.

Frank Ashmus began the fight by hitting Garth Spacek over the head with a beer bottle. The severity of the attack speaks for itself. However, it’s not an especially shocking occurrence among fishermen. Fishermen who drink on the job, like Frank and Garth, are understandably a bit more prone to such events. However, what came next might be a first.

Frank made his way home after hitting Garth over the head with the beer bottle. But Frank fumed and let his anger build. The Florida man didn’t have much on hand to use as a weapon. Garth might have grabbed a sword to duel with Frank if this had occurred in the mists of ancient history. But lacking such, the Florida man did the next best thing – he grabbed a swordfish. Garth being a skilled fisherman had no trouble taking the most notable asset from the fish and made his way to Frank’s apartment. The sharp piece of the fish lived up to its namesake as the Florida man attacked Frank in retaliation for the day’s earlier events.

Thankfully both Florida men quickly recovered from their respective injuries. However, both men were also charged with aggravated battery. Those involved with the case have noted that it is indeed something one doesn’t see very often. But it’s also clear that if assault with a dangerous fish were to occur anywhere then it’d be in Florida.

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July 21 – Florida Man Makes the Leap From Crime Drama to Politics

Statesmen of the past have left some iconic passages on the pages of history. But a Florida man running for office has one that’s remembered for a different reason – it’s just plain scary. That quote, “I’m going to kill you!”, would be ominous in any context. But the fact that the person who yelled it had already been convicted of murder makes it take on a whole new flavor. It’s made even more ominous by the fact that the man who uttered it, Michael Bruyette, is running for a spot on the city council. But look deeper into the Florida man’s story and things become as complex as an intricately written cinematic thriller. But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction in Florida.

The Florida man’s trouble began when a woman identified as Lisa Grimshaw told Bruyette that her husband had been abusing her. She conveyed the same story to two other men and offered $300,000 to make the problem disappear. Bruyette insists that he went through with the plan because he wanted to save a woman trapped in an abusive marriage. But whatever the reason, the Florida man wound up convicted of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The question of intent is important because Bruyette was able to get out on parole. This is when he let loose with the now-infamous “I’m going to kill you!” The Florida man’s parole was revoked after his outburst and he began attending Alcoholics Anonymous in an attempt to get his issues under control. He was finally able to earn parole again and soon noticed the empty seat on the city council. However, even apart from the cause of his jail time, there’s still the fact that he’s only out of prison because he’s on parole. But whatever the reason, one fact remains self-evident – Bruyette is a Florida man on a mission to get elected.