Florida Man News – July 13

July 13 – Florida Man Arrested For Calling 911 After Girlfriend Refused to Buy Him Vodka

Must be nice being a Florida cop! Sometimes, along your line of duty, you might drive to a “victim” and wonder why you even woke up for work that day. Imagine having to deal with a drunk man complaining his girlfriend refused to buy him vodka. Well, we’ve seen such ridiculous cases where people call cops over anything, including being served cold burgers in big eateries.

Seems like cops are regarded as the only solution to every Florida problem. Maybe, they would bow down and get to the Burger King kitchen, warm up the food, and thank the customer for letting them do that. Or, they would offer a few bucks and run to the nearest liquor store for vodka…

A southwest Florida man was charged with a misdemeanor for misusing the police emergency number 911, per the Colier County Sheriff’s Office. The man, Jack Means dialed the number, reporting his neighbors were fighting and shouting. However, Means claimed the situation wasn’t exactly what cops would call a true emergency, probably suggesting it normally happened. So, the cops tried asking him the reason he thought they were fighting and the man spiced his response, claiming fighting was what they did best.

But within no time, the cops pulled over to the home Means gave them the address to, only to find him ranting and angry that his girlfriend couldn’t buy him alcohol. Otherwise, there were no signs of disturbance or fighting both within his home and his neighbors. While people claim they can’t keep a record of their actions while drunk, this man was able to direct cops to his house and even find words to lure them to get there quickly.

Authorities had spent half an hour, trying to handle Means’ non-emergency call, a very long time that could have been used to save another life that could be truly in danger, a Florida resident told local media.

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July 13 – Florida Man Uses Bucket and Trash Bag as Face Disguise To Steal Dozens of Pigeons from Store

In Florida, business owners, no matter the scale, have to maintain a high level of vigilance to keep their business running. Otherwise, burglars in that state have upped their game, showing up in crazy costumes that hide their identity. Sometimes reinforcing your security with barbed wire doesn’t matter so much to some next-level thieves.

A Florida man proved having a lofty penguin shop in Florida will require more than just security cameras and barbed wire. How the man broke through from the fence to the shop is a mystery and quite concerning to a store owner Nelson Hernandez. He was shook that the burglar didn’t care about his business and the type of security system he had established. He just went in and looted 40 racing pigeons worth between $100 and $1,000.

This was the second burglary Hernandez and his wife had experienced in a year. The couple said they would run out of business if that went on. Besides, their hopes for respect from people were dwindling – they couldn’t understand why people would steal from them at a high frequency.

The latest thief didn’t know much about pigeons and how delicately they should be handled. After reviewing the video, Hernandez was upset that the burglar handled the birds so roughly, at one point knocking off the fence and harming them. The surveillance video shows the bucket-headed man walking about the cages and stuffing the pigeons in boxes. He then clumsily climbs over the fence, and falls, hurting the birds, and breaking some eggs – this, the owner called animal abuse.

Besides losing some big bucks, Hernandez might have been heartbroken to find his little friends gone the next morning. Worse off, he saw how roughly they were handled, a manner they didn’t deserve, as he claimed. The man’s mannerisms proved he was lazy and inexperienced with pigeons, Hernandez told InsideEdition.