Florida Man Headlines – September 9

September 9 – Florida Man Goes From Debt Counselor to $100 Million in Debt

It’s often said that those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. While the sentiment might be unfair more often than not, it’s hard not to think about it when looking at a Florida man who recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Of course financial loss can happen to anyone. But the sheer size of a $100 million liability is sure to raise an eyebrow. And when it turns out that the Florida man in question is a debt counselor? Well, that old adage about teaching is hard to ignore.

The Florida man, Timothy McCallan, was hit with a large sum through a debt settlement law firm – Allegro Law. The convoluted trail of allegations stems from McCaltan’s companies providing record-keeping for Allegro. This ties into the issues with debt settlement services offered by the Florida man. Thousands of customers signed up with him in hopes of getting their lives back in order. However, a vast amount of the funds never made the transition from McCallan to the creditors.

The case is further complicated by the Florida man’s difficulty in providing the requested financial records. The data from his first attempt was judged worthless. And he then insisted that damage to his home from Hurricane Matthew is further complicating the matter.

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September 9 – Florida Man, This Is a Wendy’s Not a Gator Sanctuary

What do Alligators and fast food have in common? It’s a hard question with a simple answer – Florida men tend to love both. And on occasion, they even mix the two. Such was the case when Florida man Joshua James went to Wendy’s for a drink. Everything seemed to be going as it would for any other order. James placed his order at the drive-through, pulled up, and seemingly waited for his drink. However, unknown to anyone else, there was a second passenger alongside the Florida man – an alligator.

The Wendy’s employee opened a window to give James his beverage. And, at the same time, James tossed the alligator into the restaurant. The Florida man had apparently chanced on the gator by the side of the road. Why he picked it up, and why he decided that a Wendy’s was the proper place to throw it, are still unknown. But the Florida man’s charges aren’t nearly so mysterious. He currently faces charges of unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

September 9 – A Florida Man’s Speedy Getaway Was Stopped by Delicious Pizza

A lot goes into a successful robbery. And most would agree that speed is among the single most important elements of a successful crime. But one Florida man’s attempt to speedily break into an apartment and leave with valuables was foiled due to a pizza.

Florida man Antionne David is alleged to have broken into an apartment in search of any valuables. David found $35 in cash but then chanced on something too tempting to pass up – a pizza. The Florida man instantly stopped his in-progress robbery to toss the pizza into the microwave. And of course, he took some time to enjoy his ill-gotten deliciousness as well.

Hubris and pizza often prove to be a proud man’s downfall and such was the case for this Florida man. In the end, the time he took to eat the pizza wasn’t what spoiled his plans. But what David didn’t consider is that fingerprints are very easy to get off of a pizza box. Police were able to easily match David to the prints and he was brought in with a $10,000 bond.