Florida Man Headlines – September 25

September 25 – Florida Man Police Imposter Pulls Over Real Cops

We all have at one point felt that people need to work a little more. You’re probably watching soccer and notice a hot spot where a player could shoot from, or simply driving home and fighting the urge to pull aside and apprehend some poor drivers. We’ve all been there. Probably, the only hindrance from doing such has been because people in your state were a little very sane. But in Florida, things are a little different. It’s the freest state you could ever find yourself in.

And because things have been getting out of hand so bad, it would be understandable if you tried to bring back some sanity, even if you’re not police. Even more understandable if you’ve been in an accident before and are still fighting the trauma.

This is Davonte Thompson’s point of view. There was no way he was going to allow a reckless driver to get away and maybe get someone else through what he struggled to free himself from. So, as he was driving through 7999 Pines Boulevard, he noticed a man veering off dangerously and decided this was his last time to do it. The only way to stop such a driver was to call cops on him, which would delay and the driver would get away. So, he posed as a cop and ordered the man to pull aside. Meanwhile, he dialed 911, and reported the man to the cops.

You might wonder how the “reckless driver” fell for his stunts. Well, Thompson had a stolen police badge that belonged to a retired Louisiana Deputy Sheriff. When cops arrived, they immediately noticed the badge and later established its source. So instead of thanking the 29-year-old for his service to the public, they sent him to jail.

And after an interview with Christian De La Rosa from Local 10 News, Thompson claimed he just wanted the cops to do their job. De La Rosa further asked him whether he was a cop and he nonchalantly said, “Obviously not.”

Thompson was seemingly a man of few words, with his favorite line being, “No further questions” to any question that might make him break character.

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September 25 – Florida Man Called for Help From 911 After His Play Station Stopped Working

“Never forget,” “Always in our hearts,” and “GOD bless” are the most endearing words cops ever used in their service to the public. And if you’re missing out, folks out there are using these phrases to their advantage. You’ve heard of Florida men, lonely and seeking someone to talk to, often resort to cops’ emergency number – 911. The good thing is, their calls never go unpicked. So, they at least get some seconds to ventilate.

However, the friendly cops will always know how far they can stretch, sometimes going beyond their limits. However, one thing with Florida, you never know when and how your grace period ends. So, you may tend to be a little nagging, like a man did when he couldn’t stop calling the number to talk about Hitler, the Nazis, and other related stories.

And on this case, a Florida man might have needed a community where he could ask questions regarding network issues in his area. He also didn’t know where else to turn to when his PlayStation started acting up. So, he swang out his phone, dialed the most famous three-digit number, and listened as it connected to the dispatcher.

The man was running out of lives and cornered because he couldn’t access his save file. The man also found out his hitbox had a bug, his script was eating itself, and the asset just couldn’t die.