Florida Man Headlines – July 14

July 14 – Florida Man Steals a $2,500 Utility Pole and Hauls it Atop His SUV

After eyeing an asset that could return some good money, many people tend to go for it at night or in deserted places. However, in Florida, people don’t care about public opinion. Besides, onlookers might not even care what you’re doing, unless it really concerns them. You can try stealing an entire power pole and get away with it if you don’t come around really concerned people – who happen to be very few in the Sunshine State.

When you hear of Sunshine State, you know the sun really shines in that state. Meaning, you’d be conspicuous trying to do something illegal during the day and in public. But two men didn’t give mind to such thoughts and tried stealing a JEA pole worth $2,500. That’s some paper, had the men known how and when to transport the pole. Well, Hurricane Irma had just hit Florida, meaning it was dark in the night, which the men might have been afraid of… Or the thought of getting the pole might have kicked the moment they saw it just lying about, who knows?

Victor Walter Apeler, 46, and Blake Lee Waller, 42 strapped the pole on top of their SUV and went about their business. We know everything about that is wrong, including the type of vehicle they chose to carry their load. Everyone knew the duo wasn’t authorized to touch the thousand dollars worth of utility pole. Too bad for them, one concerned onlooker caught wind of their actions and reported to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The men were scrap metal dealers whose transaction report showed 72 related transactions in 8 months, per authorities. Their business came to a dead end just when they thought they had were about to experience a major upending.

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July 14 – Drunk Florida Man Runs Himself Over and Abandons Car

A Florida man became a victim of his own driving while drunk. While you’ve heard of very many car accidents, this is undoubtedly one of its kind. Apparently, the man was too drunk to drive, let alone close his door. So, when the vehicle lost control, he fell out, with the vehicle rolling over his leg. The Ford pickup rolled on and crashed into a house and injured a woman who was sleeping at the time.

The incident happened in Orlando at the Dancers Royale Club. The man, later identified as William Edwards, 28, had had enough of the party and decided it was time to go home. A security guard, seeing the man stagger to his car, warned him he had had too much to drink. Well, as expected, Williams just brushed him off and sat at his Ford pickup’s wheel. The man didn’t care to close the door, who knows, he might have wanted a little breather. So, he started driving and before long, he lost control.

Before he knew it, the vehicle started wobbling, which made him fall out. The car then came rolling toward his direction and for lack of powerful reflexes, William let the car run over his leg. He couldn’t do much at this point and when the pickup crashed into a home, he could only think of fleeing to his home on foot.

The 28-year-old followed his intrusive thoughts and immediately fled, which added to his penalties. Instead, he should have reported his mess and probably had a few things to deal with. But he left his ID in the truck, which led the cops to his house and later made it so easy for authorities to track him down.