Florida Man Headlines – August 15

August 15 – Florida Man Steals Beehive, Tells Cops It “Seemed Abandoned”

A Florida man was arrested and accused of theft after he took to himself a beehive costing thousands of dollars. Apparently, the hive was not well taken care of, and he might have felt sorry for them insects. So, the guy thought he could treat the bees better and to testify that, he transferred them to their new home in not one day like a thief would do but slowly and gently in several days.

The first question is, in what state did 54-year-old Yoel Torres expect the hives to be? Because, I mean, it’s stingy bees – they don’t need a well-vacuumed hive with comforters… If you’re asking about security, the hives were in an enclosed area surrounded by barbed-wire fence. Plus, there was no way he would improve the bees’ living conditions – they were just fine.

The man was conscious enough to wear the protective gear before reaching out to the colony, as a security camera shows in the owner’s home. After carefully carrying the boxes, the man would place them in the bed of his truck before driving off. Somehow, we would be sold out about the man’s “innocent” move, because he took his time throughout, something that’s not characteristic of thieves. However, something in the video tells us he knew he was stealing – an unidentified woman acted as a lookout.

Torres lost quite a number of bees after removing the tops of the beehive boxes, costing the bee owner, Wainsworth Brown, a $3,500 loss, per the arrest report. However, Brown told Local 10 News the loss was more.

Everyone’s strong on their moves until the cops pull a superior one. So, he eventually had to admit to taking the bees, claiming someone from Graham Companies in Miami Lakes allowed him to take them. He was arrested and jailed before bailing out soon afterward.

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August 15 – Florida Man Walks Naked Through Neighborhood After Being “Aroused by Rain”

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office goes down in history for documenting the most unhinged cases of Florida man. This time, a man from Gulf Breeze, Fla walked around naked amid heavy downpour because “the rain was hitting his head.” So he thought of following his source of gratification, probably thinking people would all be indoors and not see him.

He removed one layer of clothes after another until he was left with only his skin and started walking around his neighborhood. There he was serenading the sound of rain and its unique effects on him. But that wouldn’t go far, of course, because as much as Florida is complicated, the few remnants are woke and working as hard to restore sanity.

The cops were called to the scene and witnessed a scene of its kind. Joseph John Musso, 63, was standing in a driveway holding a plastic cooking oil bottle, erected and lost in his world. As the cops approached him, he started running in the opposite direction with his bottle of cooking oil. It’s not clear why he chose a cooking oil bottle over anything else. Or… Why did he even think of carrying something and then thought of a bottle?

Thankfully, there were no kids on the scene. Plus, the police showed up quickly after residents reported they had caught sight of the naked man through their security cameras.

Seems like the man had tried resisting arrest because a deputy fired his taser on him to make him submissive. His actions attracted a few charges including lewd and lascivious behavior, exposure of sexual organs, and resisting an officer without violence. Upon questioning, Musso told authorities he received sexual gratification from being naked outdoors.

After the deputies got Musso to the patrol car, they removed the taser probes on him and tried to bring him back to his senses. He confessed to having wandered quite a distance naked, even through a middle school campus.