Florida Man Files – September 21

September 21 – Florida Man Breaks into Home, Cleans it Entirely, and Leaves Origami Roses

The homeowner has to be the luckiest Florida man alive!

How do you explain an intruder broke into your house to clean it rather than steal it? Well, on just a random day in Florida, a man had gone to work after dropping his son at school when an empathetic intruder came into his house, gave it a quick clean, and made him feel special by crafting origami leaves using the toilet paper roll. You may wonder, how dirty the house was as to give the intruder OCD. Or had the intruder just passed by and thought he could make the owner smile?

Nate Roman, 44, was amused, rather than pleased when he opened his door and found it different from how he left it. The guy’s first thought was his house had been robbed but upon further inspection, everything was clean and in place. The single dad must have come home prepared to do his chores after picking up his son from school, but apparently, someone made things easier for him that day.

Coincidentally, Roman had forgotten to arm his alarm, which would have made it easier to identify the intruder. Besides, the man found his door unlocked with the lock in good shape and immediately wondered if he had forgotten to lock it. Clearly, the intruder did some good service to the 44-year-old, who seemingly had a lot to handle at work and as a single parent.

Roman took pictures of his cleaned home and shared them on Facebook, giving a recap of the experience. The photos showed cleaned bedrooms, including his 5-year-old’s room and bathrooms. While Roman had a pet lizard named after his son’s favorite Power Ranger, Red, he didn’t say anything…

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September 21 – Florida Man Arrested Over DUI In a Golf Cart On a Highway

A Florida man must have been loving life one morning after taking in too much alcohol. The next move he made was to take up a golf cart and cruise it on a major highway. Well, if you’re thinking he was dangerously wobbling, cops had to rush to catch up with him. Otherwise, he’d have arrived at his destination within no time and after spending zero bucks on diesel.

Alfred Constant Mathieu was busy minding his business, riding his cart, and rushing home when cops stopped him. The man, sunk deep into his world was probably just existing and his muscle memory doing the job after cops found out that he was highly intoxicated – .339, which is many times above the legal limit. Otherwise, how do you explain that much blood alcohol level and mobility of cruising a golf cart on a major highway?

The cops even found out that he wasn’t licensed to ride the cart in the first place. Second of all, how dare he ride it on a highway? So, he ended up in jail. While that’s a major shocker in other states, it’s crazy to know that even Floridians are ready for any form of surprise whatsoever. I mean, a man on a golf cart could leave many unfazed by his antics, because everyone is minding their own business.

Besides, Mathieu must have inspired his countryman, Cary De Van, to save up and try his golf cart on a highway. And it seems like the fellow wanted to replicate Mathieu’s experience, so he showed up drunk and sassy. Unfortunately, the 82-year-old lacked Mathieu’s motor skills, so he ended up crashing his cart against a concrete curb. Upon questioning, he got mad some two hours prior after listening to former President Donald Trump’s sentiments.