Florida Man Files – June 24

June 24 – Florida Man Sets Table at Busy Crosswalk and Starts Eating Pancake

What reminds you to eat?

Well, we all have different reasons and reminders for eating.

A Florida man might have felt bad he forgot to eat at home. Luckily, things were not too bad. He happened to have carried a small TV table when the thought of food kicked in. So, as he was passing through a crossroad, a very busy intersection, he spontaneously felt the urge to sit down and eat his pancakes. So, he set the table and like someone in their own world, started smacking them down.

How much effort does it take to avoid standing by and just be awed at the level of minding his business the man was operating in? However, in Florida, if you meddle with people’s business you’d be the odd one out. So, people passed him by, proving it was just a random incident.

After finishing his pancakes, the man packed his little furniture and left. But, too bad, a person had already captured the man’s antics and even called the cops to the scene. Well, the cops didn’t find him but they received the video, marking the man’s identity. The authorities posted the video online to help nab the man easily, describing the suspect as a flapjack-eating man.

Before long, police found 21-year-old Kiaron Thomas and charged him with disrupting the free flow of traffic. Besides, to the cops, his actions obstructed the roadway, earning him an additional charge. While you thought there weren’t snitches in Florida, both the reporting of the incident and finding the suspect happened because of snitching. Someone called the cops on Thomas and others tagged him after the cops posted the video online.

The 21-year-old admitted that he had eaten pancakes at the intersection but it was a prank.

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June 24 – Florida Man in Bull Onesie Tries to Burn Ex-Boyfriend’s Home Using Spaghetti Sauce

A Florida man had been in a relationship with another man from the same state. However, things went downhill for them and they decided to call it quits. But just as it is with every relationship, one party might find it hard to move on while the other unproblematically does so. But things might have been a little different for the duo.

The men had loved sharing until one of them stuck to the receiving end for way too long. And when the supply was cut short, he thought of burning down the house of his former lover. John Silva, 28 and Derrick Irving, 36 broke into their former lover’s house feeling like he didn’t deserve living there. So, after searching for a good fire catalyst, they thought Ragu – spaghetti sauce – would help burn everything to ashes.

I mean, everyone is guilty of taking things literally at one point in life and who knows, this might have been their turn. They might have thought the “hot” in the sauce really means it’s hot or highly flammable. After trying their luck, nothing was happening – it’s embarrassing to think two minds were involved in making such a decision. Well, at least they were mindful of the surveillance security camera and even covered it with a towel.

Fortunately, the victim had already received a notification through his phone about motion in the house, per the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. Worse off, he couldn’t track anything because Silva and Irving had covered the security camera. So, he called 911 and cops were dispatched to the DeLand home. Upon arrival, the deputies noticed a red SUV trying to escape from the residence. Later, the authorities found out that Silva and Irving had stolen a flat-screen TV and an air conditioning wall unit from the home.

After questioning, the two men said they knew the victim because they had previously engaged in sexual relations. After their arrest, the two suspects faced unarmed burglary, arson, and grand theft charges.