Florida Man Files – August 3

August 3 – Florida Woman Arrested After Taking Bipartisan Free Speech to Threatening Levels

Imagine being rudely woken up at 5:00 in the morning by a Florida woman ringing a bell and yelling expletives about the political failures of the former and current presidential administrations. Such was the case in a Melbourne neighborhood where Linda Wildes had a lot to say about former United States President Donald Trump and his political opponent, President Joe Biden.

According to a news segment aired by WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando, Wildes is a middle-aged resident of the Pine Lake district; her neighbors endured two months of her profane tirades and early morning ringing of bells before taking their complaints to the police. Deputies from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office interviewed neighbors before engaging with Wildes; they learned that she had also posted signs on her front yard written in vulgar language, and she also scared the young daughters of two neighbors by asking them if their parents were teaching them to lie like most American presidents.

Just as the deputies were interviewing Wildes’ next-door neighbor, she rang her bell and went on an anti-Trump tirade about how he lost the election by a considerable margin, and then she began to slam the early work of the Biden administration during the COVID-19 pandemic. The deputies returned two days later to take Wildes into custody, and they found her ringing the bell again outside her home. Wildes also lived up to her Florida woman title by assaulting one of the deputies with a coffee cup and biting his partner twice as she was being carried into the back of the patrol car. In the end, she was charged with disorderly conduct, stalking, battery, and resisting arrest.

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August 3 – Florida Man Arrested After Causing a Scene at McDonald’s Over Burger Order

Mustapha Ouardi, a Florida man who moved to Naples from New York City a few years ago, was arrested by deputies from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for trespassing, cannabis possession, and resisting arrest; all charges that unfolded after he visited a McDonald’s restaurant where his burger order was incorrectly prepared twice.

According to a news report aired by WBBH, the NBC affiliate for the Southwest Florida market, two deputies responded to complaints made by the McDonald’s manager about Ouardi, who had been cursing and insulting her workers for more than 20 minutes. He was asked to leave the restaurant, but he insisted on staying until his burger order was done correctly.

Ouardi was instructed by the deputies to leave, but he said that he would have to be taken to jail because he planned to stay. He was escorted out and frisked before being placed in the back of the patrol car; the deputies found a small amount of cannabis folded into a piece of paper, and then he mentioned that he had inserted cocaine into his anus. This statement prompted the deputies to activate a medical protocol to clear Ouardi before booking him into the Naples Jail Center.

At the Naples Community Hospital, Ouardi became restless as he was loaded onto a stretcher for a rectal examination. He had to be shackled after attacking medical personnel; in the end, no drugs other than the aforementioned cannabis were found. Ouardi kept telling the deputies and hospital workers that he had previously won lawsuits against police departments in New York City, and he warned about taking everyone to court. McDonald’s is a notorious spot for Florida man incidents; in recent years, there have been shootings over incomplete change, missing ketchup, and even plastic straws at different locations across the state.