Florida Man Files – August 28

August 28 – Florida Man Attacks Housemate Over $10 and a Pet Puppy

A Florida man must face charges after authorities report that he shot his housemate in the face with a pellet gun following a dispute over $10 and a puppy.

Identified as Bryan Michael Edwards, the alleged attacker woke the victim and demanded repayment of $10 he had previously lent the victim for medication and torches. Edwards also ordered the victim to babysit his six-month-old pit bull.

According to the affidavit for arrest warrant, Edwards became livid when the victim would not capitulate to his demands. Edwards retrieved a pellet gun from his room and threatened the victim. As the dispute escalated, Edwards when outdoors and fired the pellet gun into the house located on 412 Ormond Avenue in Merritt Island, Florida. Pellets from the gun hit the victim in the left knee as well as the chest area.

After the victim called Edwards a “terrible shot,” Edwards reentered the home and pointed the gun inches away from the victim’s left cheek. According to Brevard County deputies, Edwards then shot the victim in the face. The assault resulted in several cracked teeth that became infected and required medical intervention.

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August 28 – Florida Man Hired as Store Security Steals Customer’s Phone Instead

A Florida man hired to prevent loss and theft has been arrested for pocketing missing phones instead.

Identified as Christopher Rodriguez, the perpetrator worked as a “loss prevention specialist” at the Target located on 14075 Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami Beach, Florida. According to the Target Corporation, loss prevention is a security role designed to ensure the safety of each location’s “team members, store, guests and physical assets.” The loss prevention program uses surveillance and investigation tactics to reduce the risk of store theft.

The victim, Miami resident Glauce Oliveira, claims that she placed her iPhone on a store shelf while shopping at the Biscayne Blvd. location. Minutes later, her iPhone disappeared.

Oliveira then approached Rodriguez as he was the only loss prevention officer on the floor at the time. After hearing Oliviera’s distress about her phone, Rodriguez claimed that no one had turned in a lost iPhone.

According to Oliveira’s son, who helped translate her claims from Spanish, Rodriguez then engaged in other actions that began to raise her suspicions about the Target employee. Oliviera claims that Rodriguez began “asked weird questions” such as whether “her password was hard” or if she had enabled Apple Pay.

Oliveira rushed home to use the Find My iPhone app to locate her device. She eventually tracked her smartphone to an address directly associated with Rodriguez. Oliveira promptly called the police.

According to the arrest report, a police officer and store manager surveyed surveillance footage and spotted Rodriguez “locating the phone” on aisle five of the facility. Rodriguez then turned off the phone and concealed it “in his hoodie pocket” instead of reporting the lost device to his superior.

Records show that the pilfered phone is not the first incidence of Rodriguez stealing. Coral Gables police arrested Rodriguez for grand theft in 2011, and Miami-Dade police apprehended him for the same felony in 2018. He received probation for the 2018 charge. Target representatives state that he no longer works for the company as of the current charge.

As for Oliveira, she has yet to see her iPhone again. While Target has offered to mail her a check for compensation, she remains dissatisfied.

“It’s not normal for a security guard to be a robber, a thief,” Oliveira’s son said.

August 28 – Florida Man Flees Fish Shop with Massive Stolen Tarpon

A Florida man entered a fishing gear shop and used a giant fishnet to steal a tarpon from the store’s pond, investigators say.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the search is still underway for the suspect who walked into Bass Pro Shops location at the Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers. Authorities say the perpetrator entered 10040 Gulf Center Drive and quickly netted the tarpon.

A woman and second man, who recorded the incident with a GoPro digital camera, accompanied the thief. The three individuals then exited the business. Police have yet to find the individuals associated with the video recording that has now gone viral.

Investigators continue to work with the Lee County Animal Cruelty Task Force, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), and Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers as they attempt to identify the persons responsible for the theft. The status of the tarpon remains unknown.

“Our Criminal Investigations Division is working to follow leads in the case,” Sergeant Sarah Rodriguez said.

One Bass Pro shopper said employees should have stopped the store visitor once they saw him enter with a net.

“If it was up to me, I’d have banned him from ever being near the water,” said shopper Kurty Ruby. Others compared the incident to animal poaching.

“True deer hunters don’t like poachers,” Florida resident Shawn Humphreys said. “I’m sure fishermen who are anglers don’t like something like this.”