Florida Man Files – August 19

August 19 – Florida Man Witnesses Tragedy Wash Ashore and Sees Only Treasure

The ocean has always had a certain allure as a resting place for countless hidden treasures. And it’s a rare Florida man who hasn’t imagined lost pirate gold or the like washing to shore at just the right moment to cross his path. Perhaps that might explain why Florida man David Pena reacted as he did when he came across the body of Angel Farge at the beach.

Saying that most people would be caught by surprise in such a situation would be an understatement. Society simply doesn’t prepare people for the shock, or the practical considerations, involved with finding a corpse. However, there’s one action that only a rare type of Florida man would take in such a situation. Pena’s reaction wasn’t to call police, ambulances, or even just passersby. No, Pena decided that it was the perfect opportunity for a little preemptive grave robbing and proceeded to search the body for any valuables. In the end, the Florida man decided to take Farge’s phone.

The act is cold, to say the least. But what’s shocking is the amount of personal involvement the Florida man took to cover his tracks. Pena pretended to be a witness to the crime, called Farge’s family and claimed that he saw the deceased’s belongings being fenced. Police eventually tracked the phone back to the Florida man after it was sold through an EcoATM for $120. Pena was charged with false verification of ownership, grand theft, and dealing in stolen property. His bond is set at $200,000.

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August 19 – When Gas Prices Rise So Does Florida Man’s Sense of Entitlement

There’s no denying how annoying the rising gas prices can be. The cost of luxuries going up is one thing. But people need gas for almost every part of life – from business to pleasure. So it’s understandable when someone’s temper flares as he pulls into the gas station. But most people take a moment, calm down, and just accept that gas prices are one of those sad inevitabilities like death and taxes. But some Florida men march to the beat of a different drummer. Such was the case when Floridian Yerrison Perez decided he was done paying for gas.

Simply declaring that you’re not going to pay for gas anymore is a bold move. Likewise, it’s a decision that most would assume could never turn into practical action. But once again a Florida man proves that determination and a dumb idea can often turn out better than anyone could imagine – for a while. Because Perez, like most outrageous Florida men turned criminal, flew a bit too close to that warm Floridian sun. Perez’s run of successful gas thefts turned into arrogance and certainty that he’d never be caught. After all, the daring if foolish Floridian fuel thief had managed to steal over $9,000 worth of gas. It’s easy to see why Perez felt like the good times would never come to an end.

However, unknown to the Florida man, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) had caught on to his methods. The team managed to catch Perez on camera as the Florida man helped himself to more ill-gotten gas. Stealing gas might not seem like a severe crime. But the sheer extent of his theft has resulted in serious charges of scheme to defraud and three counts of grand theft. The Florida man fueling his life on the road is now facing time behind bars.