Florida Man Files – August 11

August 11 – Florida Man Posts Interesting Change of Address Message

A Florida man suspected of aggravated battery, false imprisonment and tampering thought he would get the better of police by posting the following message:
“_______ ________ does NOT live here!!”

This message was posted in blue ink on a whiteboard in one of the front windows.

Since police were determined to be thorough in their investigation, they interviewed one of the folks who actually DID live there, or were at least in the house at that time. It didn’t take long for the authorities to confirm that the whiteboard had been untruthful. The man was, in fact, in the home.

The next steps of the police interaction were actually rather rugged. Police surrounded the home and used loudspeakers to draw the man out. “Surrender smoke”, or something akin to teargas, was applied to the situation and four residents of the house left. However, the suspect was not among them.

These four folks were arrested and charged with resisting. A second dose of surrender smoke or a similar product was applied to the situation but the man didn’t comply.

Finally, the police entered the home. With the help of a K-9 professional, they found the man hiding in a chest of drawers. Luckily, the K-9 professional and all human police were protected from the surrender smoke products and the original target of the police was arrested and removed from the residence.

The four people arrested with him must be wondering about their decision to stick with both the original arrest-ee and the whiteboard strategy.

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August 11 – Florida Senior Community is Developing a Rough Reputation!

The Delray Beach Senior Community Kings Point is developing a pretty tough reputation! While many citizens believe that a senior community would or should be a place of peace and calm, Kings Point is about to set an uncomfortable record.

There have been many arrests in the area, including sex offenses. Other arrests include more than one count of battery, a man who allegedly shot at someone for walking their dog on a golf course, drug possession and dealing, driving while drunk, and a woman who resisted arrest.

The most recent arrest stems from Jason Wessel, a 47 year old member of the community who was arrested for skipping a hearing regarding items stolen from a Home Depot. After stealing from the Home Depot, Wessel was released on $2,000 bond. Skipping his hearing may or may not have been an error.

There is no way to tell if this senior community simply has a large number of folks with a criminal past or is a training ground for senior criminals. It is disconcerting to note that Wessel is not technically old enough to live in a senior community; most of these communities are 55 years old and up. Because ready access to firearms in this community may be an issue, the risk to the general population is also a concern.