Florida Man Docket – September 22

September 22 – Florida Man and His Hen Best-Friend Become Internet Celebrities

Growing up, we all had our interests that in one way or the other placed us where we are today. And while some develop a desire to be in the mainstream, others just find themselves there while being themselves. We’ve seen different celebrity types but others get media attention for doing something no one else has done before. Dave Cox, for instance, was just living his life when people all around him suddenly wanted to identify with him.

To be fair, we all know chickens are home birds whose only trip comes when they are ready for slaughter. However, Dave Cox thought otherwise and could carry Sammi the chicken with him, whether he crossed borders or went out swimming on the beach. That raised a sensation, with people of all kinds and ages, requesting photos or selfies. And when he could barely pass someone without having to answer a question or pose for a photo, he thought he could create an Instagram account under Sammi’s name.

Before he knew it, the hen had attracted followers numbering almost 50,000 and the word was still spreading. The chicken also earned her owner paid collaborations with meat companies like Incogmeatus, and a marketing campaign in Okaloosa County.

How did all this start?

The Florida man had just lost his dog pet whom he had known for almost half his life – 17 years. It would have been easier to get another dog pet to replace his dead blue heeler, considering their longevity. However, Cox was not ready to see another dog slip his hands, and add to the pain he suffered by losing the first one. So, he chose Sammi as his dog on two legs, claiming she doesn’t identify as a hen.

The other option would have been to get a cat but Cox was no cat lover. Luckily, Sammi was there to save the day and actually took up the role very well. While she has her antisocial days, she is generally with the man 24/7, even if she would have to stand a few feet away.

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September 22 – Florida Man in Jail After Assaulting Girlfriend with Banana

The question is, would you freely accept arrest, knowing you’re going to jail and might face a hefty bond, after hitting your mate with a banana?

Well, if you would stage a deadlock, you better never hit anyone, especially your girlfriend with food of any kind, including a banana. Otherwise, you’ll miss your bed’s comfort and to your name will be attached serious charges than you can ever purge.

Philip Smolinsky should have known how to contain his emotions after an argument with his live-in girlfriend. Through the suspect’s lenses, bananas are harmless weapons that he could use to vent his frustration safely. However, to law enforcement, bananas are weapons that domestic abusers start their trail of abuse with, especially if the first case is brushed off.

Well, the man even tried to play the victim, stating the lady had thrown the said fruit to him. However, his girlfriend had a red mark on her face, where she claimed Smolinsky had hit her. Besides, the deputy on the ground found the banana in the garbage and parts of the fruit’s peel where the woman sat when he arrived. So, the man had to be arrested – at this point, he was not safe to be around, especially considering he shared the same home with the victim in Port Richey.

To Smolinsky, this was not reason enough he was going behind bars. So, he tried resisting arrest, prompting the deputies to use pepper spray on him. He also had a court appearance in line and a probable bond. He might have also lost his future wife – no one wants to be hit these days.