Florida Man Docket – June 25

June 25 – 18-Year-Old Florida Man Poses as Dr. Love, Opens Medical Practice Without Legal Rights

Florida must have been undergoing a serious dry spell for an 18-year-old to pose as Doctor Love!

Well, seriously, the teen is called Love and might have just wanted to show love to Floridians who need a straightforward medical examination without having to pay much.

To be fair, hospitals undertake serious procedures, most of which are just intended to suck money out of your pocket. While it is not clear why Malachi Love-Robinson opened the medical facility, he had started gaining popularity for being young and offering affordable medical advice.

The hospital called New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical Center & Urgent Care was indeed an alternative medical facility, offering an array of services. Truth be told, it takes a solid decision to pose as a doctor and make people believe you’re one. While many people could think of getting money the wrong way, only a few make it to medicine, just for the medical terms and drug prescriptions. You at least need a solid medical background to do such.

Love-Robinson, had thought about all these, apparently. The “hospital’s” website listed the services offered, including treatment of psychological functions and abnormal conditions. The man’s first-person description stated he could use different methods including mechanical ones to perform mechanotherapy, food and herb therapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, etc. Dr. Love also promised patients minor and orificial surgery and that he would use herbs and nature’s remedies to quicken treatment.

On the facility’s Facebook page, Love-Robinson posted pictures of himself standing alongside two older women whom he claimed were his staff. As expected, such businesses don’t go so far. The man quickly learned he shouldn’t have worn a lab coat at a local hospital, let alone pose as a doctor.

He had stolen more than $30,000 during a patient visit and another $20,000 belonging to a doctor. However, his schemes came to a dead end when a cop impersonating a patient visited the facility for treatment and drug prescription. However, this was just the beginning of Love-Robinson’s woes as he stole a credit card and tried buying a Jaguar with it. 7 years later, the man was involved in a serious fraud scheme for a shipping company that earned him 2-and-a-half years in prison.

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June 25 – Florida Man Blasts His Car Music, Jumps on Patrol Car, and Dances to Ward Off Vampires

A Florida man ended up in cuffs after dancing atop a patrol car for his fear of vampires. The man’s actions were not under any influence or mental condition as he told the cops. They were caused by sheer fear of vampires and to end vampire attacks on children.

44-year-old Christian Radecki was minding his business when a “woman with fangs” came over to his car window and told him that vampires were coming, he said in a police report. Such news came with so much gravity that the man couldn’t ignore it. So, he opted to blast his car speaker and try to avoid the thought and when he couldn’t get distracted enough, he hopped onto a marked sheriff’s office sport-utility car.

He started showing off his dance moves vibing to songs like “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates and “Goodbye Stranger” by Supertramp. The cops who seemed amused by the man’s claims were also offended by that kind of intrusion and placed him in cuffs. Something he did to end the slaughter of small children was termed a disruption of peace. The man who got atop the patrol car to summon the fictional Sheriff of Nottingham was taken for medical examination instead. Besides dancing, the man had gotten a bit violent as to rip the windshield wipers of the patrol car, parked outside a Cape Coral home.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office shared on YouTube and Facebook a video of the incident, attracting thousands of views and reactions within a day. Many thought the man was mad while others said such actions can only be under the influence of drugs – exactly what Radecki said he wasn’t.

Such posts never fail to attract jokers too, some of whom said Radecki’s mission was successful as no vampires came.