Florida Man Docket – July 3

July 3 – Florida Man Involved in Accident Asks Troopers for Permission to Leave the Scene to Get More Meth

Sometimes, when using hard drugs like meth, you may not find sense in any laws. I mean, nothing would be of a big deal to you. You can end up causing an accident and ask authorities to let you use the drug you crave. You’ll end up in jail for possession of the drug, so what’s the big deal in using it before arrest? If anything, you’re polite enough to ask troopers for permission to use it.

Too bad, your requests will not augur well with the cops, attracting a more serious penalty.

Scott Ecklund, 32, was so high that he lost his focus on driving, crashing into a vehicle in front of him. Soon, the cops arrived at the accident scene and started looking into the possible causes of the accident. Not long into the search, the officers discovered methamphetamine and a small scale after searching Ecklund’s car, hinting to them he was driving under the influence.

To make matters worse, Ecklund was asking for a chance to get some more meth, per Orlando Sentinel. The 32-year-old’s driving license had been suspended, adding to his methamphetamine possession charges.

Seems like meth users are the most honest people alive. In a different incident, a Florida man believed to be driving under the influence caused a multi-vehicle accident in Spring Hill. The man, later identified as Jonathan Pudelek, tried to flee from the accident scene, and headed toward a nearby CVS parking lot, crashing three vehicles.

Before then, Pudelek’s vehicle had run into two guy wires linking a utility pole. Eventually, the man told the cops he had used meth a few hours before the crash, ascertaining the authorities’ observations. The cops also found out he had no driving license before retrieving a glass pipe with meth traces from his car, per HCSO.

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July 3 – Florida Man Calls Emergency, Reports He was Drunk Driving

A Florida man must have been afraid of his own self!

Oftentimes, people try as much to avoid the wrong side of law enforcement officers. Even when in the wrong, a normal person would just avoid cops when they can and right their wrongs by themselves. But in this case, a 911 dispatcher might have found it so easy to track a man in the wrong, thanks to him.

On a New Year’s Eve, a 911 dispatcher received an unusual call from Michael Lester reporting he was drunk driving. The man might have wondered why cops hadn’t caught up with him all night, even after driving offside and recklessly driving around Winter Haven. He actually wanted a cop to pull him over because he had lost track of himself and his location. So, when the officer asked his emergency address, he simply said, “All over Winter Haven.”

The dispatcher might have not understood what she was dealing with by now and asked a second time what Lester’s address was at that moment. I mean, the man was too drunk to even make out his location. So, the dispatcher tried to interrogate the man to understand what he was reporting and got a pleasant surprise.

The man told the dispatcher he had been drunk driving all night before suddenly noticing he was in front of the police department. And when the dispatcher told Lester cops were coming to him, he said he would go grab something in the meantime – the cops should catch up with him.

The dispatcher didn’t want to let the man go, so she carried the conversation until the cops on the ground “caught up” with him. She pled with the man to try and park his truck at which the man stopped in the middle of the road. Police sirens were heard from afar, advancing in his direction after he said he was on the wrong side of the road.

The man admitted to cops he had been drinking all night and had swallowed meth instead of smoking it. Besides, he had burned out for sleeping only four hours in the previous four days.

July 3 – Florida Man Arrested for Dancing Around Fire Nude and Burning Himself

What in the summer solstice rituals!

A Florida man must have been feeling the summer heat too much as to walk out of his house naked. However, things took a bizarre turn when the man took a knife and a long stick, dancing around a fire on a Cape Coral home’s porch.

Some incidents prompt law enforcement officers to act while others make them sit and watch. In this case, the cops had to watch and wait for the appropriate time to act. 27-year-old John Hennessee had pulled a stunt of its kind, dancing around a fire naked and chanting gibberish. The man who was holding a knife tried to set a vehicle on fire.

Besides, he had become so violent as to throw a rock through a home’s window along Pine Island Lane, per a police report. The cops could take in all the antics until when the man turned to them, swinging a wooden stick at them. Nothing more could happen – the cops pulled out a stun gun before arresting him. Before getting to jail, cops took John to the hospital to treat the burns

Well, these antics don’t seem to be of a normal person, as the family ascertained. But he had to be incarcerated, regardless. During the journey to jail, the man reportedly went on chanting gibberish, even in cuffs. And if you thought he was speaking his mother tongue or a foreign language, his family couldn’t understand a single word. Besides, his sister explained he was always screaming, appearing to be in his own world.

Cops also had their reservations about John, speculating he had consumed psychedelic mushrooms. Besides, the suspect’s mother added he had been erratic since returning from rehab. Speaking to local media, John’s mother urged people to be wary of mental illness.