Florida Man Docket – July 19

July 19 – Florida Man Steals Lottery Machine and Comes Back for More

There are many folks that will spend a large percentage of their ready cash on lottery tickets. There are others who will take an even bigger risk and walk off with the lottery ticket machine. Only a few, though, would choose to come back to try to steal more than one machine.

The gentleman caught on video attempting to leave with the lottery ticket machine from a Fort Myers Beach, Florida convenience store can be seen putting some effort into the process. During his initial attempt, he’s seen in burgundy sweatpants and a black shirt which he holds up over his head to protect himself from security cameras. It take several tugs of the lotter ticket machine, tipping over items on the counter above, to free the ticket machine. He’s seen leaving the store with the machine, trailing tickets.

Next he returns in new clothes. Grey shorts and a black and gray hoodie are quite a bit tidier than the burgundy sweats and stretchy shirt. He also appears to be wearing a mask or face covering on the second entry. He returns behind the counter of the convenience store to move the safe towards the door. During this second visit, he apparently attempts to leave with the cash register as well.

Law enforcement is happy to announce that the safe and the cash register were empty. They also have some recommended wardrobe changes for the thief when they apprehend him. Law enforcement recommends that citizens notify them should they notice this man, regardless of what he’s wearing.

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July 19 – Florida Man Makes Poor Decision with New Weapon

There are many tragic situations in which people have accidentally shot a loved one by mistake. Ready access to firearms may also be contributing to a high number of suicides and attempted suicides among some demographics. However, the choice to meddle with a gun in a bar as though it’s a new toy, just to shoot yourself in a fit of ego is a new and interesting choice.

A Florida bar-goer chose to spend a Thursday evening at O’Riley’s Uptown Tavern in Pensacola, where he decided to show off his new firearm. In a dazzling array of poor choices, he was showing off his moves while putting his new gun into a pretend shoulder holster and, yes, shot himself in the torso.

He immediately checked himself into a hospital. Tavern manager Warren Sonnen believes the incident was an accident. Luckily nobody else was hurt in the process.

Charges are being considered, though the punishment of injuring any one of the vital organs contained in the torso seems punishment enough. As the gentleman in question likely put the lives of everyone in the pub at risk, charges could be extensive. Surveillance video was taken but has not yet been released.