Florida Man Docket – July 11

July 11 – Tutu-Wearing Florida Man Breaks Into Tampa Farmer’s Market for Refreshments

Imagine ruining your good conduct report just for soda and fruits. Well, hunger can make you do the unthinkable. But the owner of a Farmer’s Market in Tampa was frustrated that someone could break into his business over such small things rather than just ask for them. And while you thought the owner’s empathy could save the tutu-clad man from arrest, the cops had to do their job.

Surveillance cameras are among business owners’ most important assets, especially in crime-prone areas. Many times, when thieves break into a shop, their first thought is to loot a specific item and run out before they are busted. However, others seem to have time and hawky eyes to spot the cameras and cover them. While this is thought of as a smart move among many, it becomes pointless when the burglar has to come near it unmasked to cover it.

Two Florida stole from the Farmer’s Market on a Halloween night when they thought they needed to hydrate. Because finding the right refreshments might have been hard for them, they decided to break into the business and get some fruity nutrients and a little energy from soda. As they were sipping into their refreshments, one of them spotted a security camera and used a carton box to cover it.

The only sense to their dressing was they were celebrating Halloween. Otherwise, using such a costume as a disguise would be a silly move. After assessing the surveillance video, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office managed to arrest Jevon Ryner Jamison, 22, and charged him with burglary, petit theft, and criminal mischief.

John Sansone, the owner of the market said he would have freely offered the men food if they had asked for it.

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July 11 – Florida Man Can’t Stop Desturbing Manatees

It’s one thing to commit an illegal act and another to dare authorities to arrest you. A Florida man must have believed he was getting some new aquatic friends when he tried riding them. Well, the man must have known it was wrong to ride them which the law took as harassing them, but hated that people were interrupting him in his joyful rides. And even when cops arrived, he didn’t give in at first, until of course, he had no other option.

James Roy Massengale Jr., 47 jumped into a creek in Islamorada and started touching and even riding manatees. Some witnesses who passed by asked him to stop harassing the animals but that only enraged him, saying, “I’m riding it!”

He seemed to have made up his mind and no one could stop him, so authorities had to intervene. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials busted the 47-year-old lying on top and riding the aquatic animals and informed him it was illegal to do that. However, Massengale didn’t flinch and started chanting, “Take me to jail.”

Well, that’s where he ended up, having to part with a whopping $25,000, especially because he refused to cooperate and give his identity. The man allegedly claimed he was homeless and didn’t have much to lose if he went to jail. Such cases have happened in Florida when people commit crimes intentionally to go to jail.

A couple of people have pulled up too close to former president Trump’s Florida home and refused to go. In another case, a Florida man drove up to the home’s gates, saying he had come to talk to the former president about his $6.3 trillion. This was their way of going to jail, attracting serious charges and hefty bonds.