Florida Man Docket – August 4

August 4 – Florida Man Attempts Go-Kart Getaway

A Pensacola man was arrested and jailed with a bond set at $8,500 for attempting to flee police on a go-kart. As the go-kart maxed at approximately 20 miles per hour, the chase was not exactly heart-stopping, but it was hazardous to other drivers and to the officers once they caught up with the driver.

The final capture occurred at the Happy Shoppers Mart on DeLuna Drive in Pensacola, Florida. After repeatedly flipping the officers off, the suspect was caught, tasered and punched before being cuffed for transport. In response, he flailed, bit and punched officers.

The choice to bite a police officer carries special risks. Human bites can lead to serious bacterial infections. Depending on the health of the biter, the bite-ee can also be at risk of terrible diseases, up to and including hepatitis C or HIV. Of course, damage to skin, muscles and tendons should also be considered when cleaning up the bite of a human being on a law enforcement officer.

As he had previous warrants out for his arrest, Brian Petersen’s escape attempt does make some logical sense. However, this escape attempt doesn’t seem to offer him much hope of avoiding more jail time. He was treated at a local hospital before being taken to jail. Previous arrests included a charge of criminal mischief.

Charges this time include fleeing or eluding police, resisting arrest, battery of a police officer, and the initial traffic violation. Go-karts are not considered roadworthy for use on public streets as they are recreational vehicles and treated as low-speed vehicles. While the man arrested was technically not speeding as he was going under the required 25 miles per hour, he was violating the rules of the road by using a recreational vehicle on roads designed for cars.

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August 4 – Florida Man Attempts to Travel from Tampa to Philadelphia While Drunk and Abusive

A 29 year old former passenger of American Airlines chose to drink too much before trying to catch a flight to Philadelphia. Once on the plane, he chose to be verbally and physically abusive before threatening the “blue-eyed devils” among his fellow passengers. He also claimed that he was going to take down the plane after hitting and spitting on another passenger.

One of the other passengers was able to get him into a headlock to contain his antics. Non-uniformed law officers also on the flight responded to the request of a flight attendant and were able to subdue him and escort him off the flight. The other passengers, regardless of eye color, were able to travel to Philadelphia without any other delays.

It’s important to note that even attempting to board a flight while visibly intoxicated is a poor life choice. As of the first quarter of 2024, more than 400 unruly passengers, many of whom were drunk, were removed from flights. In 2023, the number of disruptive clients on airlines was up over 2,000 for the year. While flying can be stressful, flying drunk is probably not the right answer.

Ultimately, it comes down to the captain’s decision. While the man on the Tampa to Philadelphia flight was arrested, charged and held for more than $2,000 bond, you can be thrown off a flight by the captain simply for trying to fly while intoxicated. Even if you’re a cheery drunk, it’s important to remember that airplane flights are not a democracy. You may have paid for your ticket, but if you are considered a threat or a hazard, you can can still get tossed off a flight.