Florida Man Docket – August 12

August 12 – Florida Woman Faces Costly Fine for Street Sweeper Theft

Street sweeping trucks are not exactly known for their pep. In fact, the apparatus that defines their job is both heavy and cumbersome. This apparatus also limits clearance, making a quick getaway pretty unlikely.

Despite all the challenges, E’Dajha Dyesha Lee from Ocala stole a street sweeper and chose to lead police on a chase, though admittedly not a high speed chase. The vehicle was stopped after only four minutes, though she chose to show police a weapon during this brief interlude.

Lee has now been charged with grand theft for taking the truck. She’s also charged with displaying a weapon during commission of a felony and fleeing from law enforcement.

She frequently responded to officers with “You got me,” during her arrest, which begs more a few curious questions. Did she truly intend to get away with the truck? Where was she taking it? What was she going to do with it when she got there?

A street sweeper truck features a large and heavy attachment that hangs under the body of the truck. It may also feature tanks of water and soap. Brushes and hydraulics are also part of the package, adding to the weight and the complexity of the vehicle.

Damage assessments from the theft and police chase are not included. Because the equipment that makes up a street sweeper truck is both heavy and rather delicate, it’s possible that any rough driving at high speeds may have actually done a fair bit of damage to the truck.

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August 12 – Florida Man Face Felony Charge for Dumping

Benjamin Holroyd has apparently been dumping trash in Big Pine Key, Florida for quite a long time. Authorities and trash professionals tallied that more than 10,000 pounds of garbage had been dumped. As dumping more than 500 pounds is a third degree felony, Holroyd could be in serious trouble.

The trash appears to include furniture and plastics as well as what may be an axle to a trailer or a vehicle. A simple Google search brings up several waste management, recycling and junk hauling businesses in this area. If anyone, especially senior citizens, are facing unmanageable trash, help is available and volunteers may even be around.

The fines and penalties for the decisions made by Holroyd could be both costly and severe. This third degree felony can also include a 5 year jail sentence and a $50,000 fine. The state of Florida is cracking down hard on illegal dumping and other forms of environmental devastation.

Sadly, it doesn’t take much to encourage illegal dumping in a particular area, especially in regions where unoccupied vacation homes may abound. One badly overgrown or heavily littered spot can soon attract more garbage, dropped off by those who don’t know any better or can’t be bothered to responsibly discard items. These large pieces of unwanted trash, including furniture and appliances, can be both costly and difficult for the owners of the property to get rid of. Standing litter and overgrown lots are more than an eyesore.

Attitudes about trash dumping and litter in general are changing. More frequent access to recycling and junk haulers can also make it easier to get rid of unwanted items without illegally dumping them. Unfortunately, Mr. Holroyd chose to illegally dump product and was caught and arrested.