Florida Man Chronicle – September 3

September 3 – Florida Man Tries to Lead His Pack by Biting His Dog

Lake Worth, Florida resident Patrick Campbell was apparently struggling to train his two year old Husky and chose to bite him on the ear to gain dominance over the dog. Campbell also has a history of hitting the dog. He’s now facing jail time and fines related to charges of aggravated animal cruelty. The Husky, Dimitri, has been taken from the apartment, into care by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

Police officers noted that the apartment where Campbell and Dimitri lived, with roommates, smelled like urine and feces. Indications are that Dimitri’s living conditions were cramped and that his bathroom training was not consistent or effective.

Handling any puppy for the first two years can be tough. Huskies are especially challenging; this is a high energy breed that may not be well-suited for life in an apartment. They’re also quite smart, which makes careful training a critical need. Finally, Huskies are stubborn. Bathroom training a Husky will take a careful schedule and careful attention to their needs. Detailed monitoring to notice when an animal is ready to go to the bathroom and proper actions to get them outside, for example, are much more effective than hitting a dog that’s made a mess in the home.

There’s no animal that can be successfully abused into proper behavior. House training a puppy age two and under will take a rigorous commitment by the dog’s owner to make sure that bowel and bladder training are consistent and timely. Those interested in a breed as challenging as a Husky may need extra training themselves to housebreak and train this breed.

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September 3 – Florida Man Enters Jacksonville Store with Loaded Alligator

In the array of “bad life choices”, entering a Florida convenience store carrying an alligator with a taped-up mouth and demanding beer seems pretty high on the “lousy idea” list. As of yet, no charges have been filed and no arrests made, but the video of this event may have come to the attention of the police; it’s currently under investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

It’s true that the alligator’s jaw was taped shut. However, alligators have many more defensive tools than their jaw. An alligator also has 10 claws that help them travel across solid ground and muddy swamp soil. As a grown alligator can reach 1,000 pounds, these claws are obviously quite tough and versatile. Just because you won’t get bit doesn’t mean that you won’t get hurt.

Alligators are also a protected species, so there are restrictions to just picking them up and walking around with them. Had the man in the video walked through the store with a young Florida panther or a juvenile black bear, the reaction would have been much different. Protected species must be regarded with care and failing to do so can lead to serious fines, charges and possible jail time.

Finally, alligators have a low stress tolerance. While an aggressive alligator can be quite destructive, these animals are quite shy. They’re not accustomed to touch or physical handling. They’re not good pets; walking an alligator on a leash may be amusing to some, but it’s rarely good for the animal.

There are many ways to have fun and games. Manhandling the juvenile animal of a protected species is not the best idea if you want to avoid the attention of law enforcement.