Florida Man Chronicle – September 19

September 19 – Unusual Lawsuit Involving Adderall Psychosis Filed by Florida Man

Robert Buckley, a resident of Orange County, filed a lawsuit against five drugstores in the Orlando metropolitan area accusing them of giving him too much Adderall, thus causing him to suffer psychotic episodes. According to a news story published by WPLG Local 10, the ABC affiliate for the South Florida region, Buckley is suing three Publix supermarket pharmacies, a CVS drugstore, and a Costco store in Winter Park.

Everything about the lawsuit indicates it was filed by a Florida man. There’s the outlandish complaint about Buckley suffering permanent injuries after overdosing on the excess Adderall he obtained from the five drugstores, which he also accused of false imprisonment. The mental anguish mentioned in the court documents has caused Buckley to believe that he will need to pay thousands of dollars to doctors in the future; however, he had not been evaluated by physicians after somehow getting the same prescription filled five times.

Buckley asked for $50,000 from the drugstores to cover future medical bills. He also accused the pharmacists of being negligent because they should have detected the falsified prescriptions he used to get the pills. Interestingly, this claim about Florida drugstores being careless with prescriptions was at the heart of a lawsuit filed by the state attorney general against the same companies a couple of years ago, but that civil action was related to OxyContin, the most widely prescribed opioid in the state.

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September 19 – Florida Man Threw Pasta With Sauce at Driver in Road Rage Incident

Nolan Goins, a 46-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, was arrested by deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly throwing pasta from a takeout box at a driver near the Bay Pines National Cemetery. The unusual road rage episode was first reported by WFTS in Tampa, but it made national headlines after it was picked up by Fox News.

The arrest affidavit indicates that Goins was in the front passenger seat of a car traveling down Bay Pines Boulevard at night; the driver was blinded twice by the misaligned LED headlights of another vehicle, and this did not sit well with Goins. After pulling up next to the car with the glaring headlights, Goins got saucy and reached into the restaurant takeout box on his lap. Although the police report indicates that Goins covered the driver with fettuccine noodles and ragù sauce, there were no injuries.

When deputies responded to the call of the driver drenched in pasta and sauce, they located Goins with the car’s license plate number, and they noticed that the stains on the right sleeve of his shirt matched the sauce dumped on the driver. He was arrested and booked for battery.

This story was widely discussed on social networks not only because of its “Florida man” quirkiness but also because it illustrates the frustration that many drivers feel with the proliferation of blinding LED headlights across the state. According to reports published by the Florida Highway Patrol, violent road rage incidents involving glaring headlights have been on the rise for years. Drivers who have been on the road since the 1990s do not recall headlights causing road rage situations until LED technology became a new automotive standard.