Florida Man Chronicle – July 16

July 16 – Florida Woman Puts “Cleansing” Powers to Criminal Purpose

Residents in a Hispanic neighborhood of Naples, Florida have been swindled out of approximately $100,000 by a witch known as “Rosalia”. Her method of swindling included multiple steps to demonstrate her power and build trust with potential victims. She posted her services on bulletin boards in the community, such as in laundromats. Her services included relationship repair.

One victim was having relationship trouble and was told by Rosalia to go home and sleep with three eggs under his bed to cleanse away a “darkness” that she saw. When he brought the eggs back to Rosalia, she waved them over his head and opened them. One was seen to be full of blood, another full of worms, and the third full of needles. This part of the cleansing was apparently complete.

After this initial cleansing, Rosalia sent the client home to collect as much cash as possible because it could be doubled or tripled in short order with her cleansing skills. Once she had the money, she noted that it too needed to be cleansed and offered to take it away and treat it in a sacred space so it could be increased. Of course, once she had taken the money away, she was not able to meet with the client again and ultimately stopped communicating.

Rosalia is a blonde with dark roots and a Hispanic or Eastern European appearance. Her marketing technique makes it difficult to create a strong regional search as she does not appear to have an internet presence. By marketing to fix or cleanse broken relationships, she offers a guarantee of privacy. Her swindles work because her clients are working in secrecy to avoid further relationship problems.

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July 16 – Florida Man Battles Toilet Iguana and Loses

Kurt Hilberth of Hollywood, Florida just wanted to brush his teeth when he noticed the iguana in his toilet. After three days of trying to catch and remove the iguana, he had to admit defeat and bring in a professional.

While iguanas are generally desert dwellers, there are some that thrive in the heat and humidity of Florida. Iguanas like to bask in the heat of the sun, which may include the roof of your home. Vent pipes on the roof provide access and suddenly, there’s an iguana in your toilet. If the vent pipes on your home don’t include a mesh cover and a toilet iguana is a big concern, it’s a good idea to protect your vent pipes.

Hilberth apparently got hold of the iguana at one point and nearly had it out of the toilet, but the tail of the iguana came off in his hand. It was then that he gave up and called a professional.

Iguanas are challenging on several fronts; if they don’t want to go, it can be hard to get rid of them. First of all, iguanas are powerful swimmers. They can hold their breath for a long time, so just when you think they’re gone for good, they come up for air. Many parts of the iguana, from their claws to the spiny ridge along their back, are very sharp. Finally, they can come apart in your hands and still swim away.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to find an iguana in your toilet, be aware that a plumber may not be the best professional to call. Hilberth reached out to Harold Rondan from Iguana Lifestyles to help remove the iguana from the toilet. Rondan offered the iguana a small stick from a tree to climb up and finally the iguana was willing to leave.