Florida Man Chronicle – August 26

August 26 – Florida Woman Arrested For Marijuana Smuggling Tried to Ditch Partner Aboard Cruise Ship

Savannah Rose Minami, a 30-year-old resident of Palm Coast, was arrested along with Michael Quesenberry for possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance from Florida to the United Kingdom aboard a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship. The controlled substance in question was cannabis she packed in 56 plastic bags, the same number found inside Quesenberry’s luggage, but she was initially dismissed by agents from the United States Homeland Security Department (DHS) after claiming to have just met her partner at one of the ship’s many bars.

According to a report published by WKMG Channel 6 News, Minami and her cruise companion boarded the Norwegian Joy in Miami for a transatlantic voyage to Southampton, England. Minami was approached by DHS agents as she was entering Quesenberry’s cabin. In the DHS affidavit of arrest, the lead agent explained that Minami claimed to have met Quesenberry while enjoying a complimentary cocktail before the ship got underway, so she was told she was free to go. In the first cabin, the agents found 56 vacuum-sealed plastic bags filled with cannabis tightly packed in Quesenberry’s suitcase. He claimed to be a medical marijuana patient with a card issued in California.

Minami was spotted again at another bar after her partner was arrested, but this time the agents followed her to a different cabin where she had stowed her luggage. One of her suitcases was the same brand and model as Quesenberry’s; moreover, there were also 56 bags of cannabis therein. Both travelers carried approximately 75 pounds each, and they were charged with conspiracy to export a controlled substance after the agents found their matching travel itineraries.

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August 26 – Inebriated Florida Woman Arrested While Waiting For Children After School

A 64-year-old resident of Largo was arrested by deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office after administrators at Frontier Elementary School noticed she was drunk in the line of cars waiting to pick up students. According to a report published by the Tampa Bay Times, the Florida woman had fallen asleep behind the wheel, thus forcing other parents to drive around her.

Catherine Leslie Rowe was driving a black SUV when she arrived at the school to pick up a student on a Monday afternoon. She parked and promptly fell asleep until a parent knocked on the windshield to wake her up. In the charging affidavit filed by deputies, a witness statement indicates that Rowe looked startled and disoriented as she put her SUV in drive and attempted to advance in the line; she hit a curb at the school and then drove off without picking up any students.

School officials notified police about the incident after getting Rowe’s address from the grandchild she left behind. Two deputies arrived at her house 10 minutes later, and she agreed to submit to a Breathalyzer test. Her blood alcohol content (BAC) was measured at 0.216 and 0.210; these test results were more than twice the legal BAC limit in Florida, which has been 0.08 for decades.

For a woman of Rowe’s age, getting to the BAC levels measured during her arrest would require drinking between six to eight cocktails. It would have taken her more than six hours of rest and hydration to bring her BAC to legal limits. Rowe was taken to jail and charged with driving under the influence plus child neglect. She pleaded not guilty and posted bond the next day.