Florida Man Chronicle – August 17

August 17 – Florida Man In Underwear Climbs on Wendy’s Roof to Yell at Onlookers For 4 Hours

To be honest, everyone has had an emotional breakdown at one point. While some let out their emotions when they are overwhelmed, others choose to suppress them – which is never a good feeling. An irate Florida man got a chance to even get on top of a roof at Wendy’s to scream and ventilate. Seems like the emotions had gone so deep that he had to yell at everyone for four hours. He even stripped his clothes and remained in his underwear.

It’s almost obvious that a man struggling to control emotions has to do something physical as an assuage. So the man, later identified as Timothy Weber, chose to scream his heart out until cops intervened. Well, he didn’t like the idea of becoming a spectacle during his emotional meltdown, but his loud yells and weird demeanor attracted a crowd.

The chaos grew, forcing the restaurant in St. Augustine, Fla to shut down. Meanwhile, the cops arrived at the scene and tried to convince the man down from the roof, which took a whole 4 hours. What a loss for such a big restaurant. Fortunately, the authorities managed to rescue the man and quiet him without harming himself.

At one point during the standoff, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Twitter (now X), referring to Weber as a troubled individual. The funny thing is you’d normally not know the way to the roof of Wendy’s until you’re blinded by emotions.

The Florida Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System unveiled Florida’s mental health state, highlighting its population has surged through the years. While its 9.7 percent in 2007 was reason for concern, the numbers had increased by 4% in 2020.

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August 17 – Florida Man Dares Police to Tase Him “and See What Happens” After He Assaulted a Woman on Plane and Fought Other Passengers

The best thing to do if you ever find yourself within the confines of Florida is to avoid everything that can cause a disagreement. Otherwise, things tend to take dramatic turns, leaving one party or both in jail. Case in point, a Florida man loved to say his sentiments and leave them heard. However, his opponents believed otherwise, and when they couldn’t agree, things escalated real quick.

The belligerent man picked up a fight and was ready to counter the cops when his opponent called him out for his actions. He couldn’t willingly leave the plane yet he was exasperated when cops forcibly carried him out. So, he lunged for an officer’s gun and even kicked a police car window. You’re wondering about tasers, the guy asked for it and the cops fired repeatedly – but he wasn’t still.

Jacob Garcia’s woes began when a woman he was sitting next to in a Chicago-bound American Airlines plane claimed he had touched her without permission. The 28-year-old showed up with a handlebar mustache, with a demeanor rather agitated, per other passengers, and the woman’s claims provoked as to start hurling insults at her and her boyfriend. A fight broke out!

A video shared by one of the passengers to the Washington Post shows a passenger yelling at Garcia, claiming he is ignorant for having started a fight before sounds of slaps are heard. Things grew hot real fast, prompting the flight crew to deplane all the passengers. Some still lingered as they watched Garcia continue the fight. Not long afterward, three relatively large officers came in, trying to lift Garcia off his seat. One of the officers came in with handcuffs while another asked him not to fight. Seems like Garcia couldn’t stop it and instead asked the officer to taser him and see what happens.

Garcia had to go out, so the officers fired one taser after another, totaling 10. However, he seemed dangerous even to cops, as one could be heard urging another to be careful. Had the officer not watched out, Garcia would have lunged out his gun. The guy even kicked out a squad car’s window. But it all ended in jail.