Florida Man Calendar – September 23

September 23 – Drunk Florida Man Gives Alligator Beer Trying to Get It Drunk

It didn’t end well!

A drunk Florida man must have been getting the feels after gulping down a few bottles of his favorite beer. So much so that he thought he could share the feelings with a deadly reptile. Well, his friend, Noah Osborne, 22, must be the Florida villain for capturing the reptile with bare hands. Or, the animal might have not been feeling it that day and just decided to play along with the staggering hoomans.

However, the humans didn’t know where to stop. So, they kept nagging the reptile and feeding it with beer. It’s unclear why the animal bit Timothy Kepke, 27 when he fed it, but the gator probably knew it was illegal to drink the beer…

While Kepke admitted having drunk several beers that day, he claimed he wasn’t intoxicated at the time of the beer feeding. The duo was sure to record the incident, probably hoping the animal would go tipsy and that they would later on flaunt their “legendary, never heard before” actions. However, after the animal bit Kepke, the two men thought that was enough for the day.

The two men went back home and continued their lives as usual. However, cops eventually caught up with them, even obtaining a video of their beer-feeding stunt. Upon questioning, the men admitted to their ill actions, which earned them an arrest and charges of unlawfully taking an alligator.

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September 23 – Vicious Tug-of-War: Florida Man Fights Alligator to Rescue Dog

There’s what we call dog loyalty and then there’s dog-owner loyalty. Sometimes it’s mutual, as in this case.

A Florida man was out on his Wesley Chapel farm in Pasco County taking his dog for a walk when an unforeseen gator attacked his dog. The reptile dragged 6-year-old Loki when he had just stepped his front paws into the river. Talk about a surprise fight with a 13-foot gator!

Trent Tweddale didn’t have much time to think, so he grabbed his pup by the collar, trying to save him from the reptile’s vicious canines. Well, the gator was not the one to give in easily, launching a serious tug-of-war and causing serious bruises on the pup’s front limbs.

To avoid more injuries to the dog’s limbs, the man got into the river a little more, with the water reaching his knees, and started pounding the alligator’s head. Those were heavy batters that made the gator give up on his meal and run back into the waters. However, Loki was severely injured, with one of his front legs hanging by a shred. The animal’s bones were all out, needing an emergency surgery to attach metal plates and screws.

The battle with the gator just started for an animal that Tweddale loved so much, declaring he could fight “tooth and nail.” He contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service for trapping tips, even setting a rooster as bait. Well, the gator was wise enough not to show up soon afterward. Yet Tweddale was also not giving up.