Florida Man Calendar – June 26

June 26 – Florida Man Steals $60,000 BMW a Day After Dealership Rejected His Food Stamps Credit Card

A Florida man might have thought he was running out of time and couldn’t wait to get his dream car. And while age is not a limit to a person’s financial status, he might have craved the thrill of going goofy with the luxury car, which only happens when one’s bones cooperate. We’ve all heard those TED talks that ask you, “What do you have?” In this case, the man had two cards that he thought sufficed a $60,000 luxury car.

Nicholas Jackson, 36, walked into a BMW dealership, happy he at least had an EBT card and credit card. Those two, he might have thought, should afford him the car’s downpayment. Another thing, he might have had was the belief that he deserved the luxury car. So, he might have done a little convincing, assuring the dealership that he would be 100% involved in seeing the completion of the remaining balance.

But no one cares about ambitions that have not been well thought through. Besides, a car brand of BMW’s caliber can only operate under strict terms and conditions. So, the man went back home frustrated that he couldn’t materialize his imagination of driving his favorite car. But in my opinion, the dealership should have known better when rejecting Jackson’s offers because the following night, he was to come back to the showroom and have the liberty to drive home his dream car.

Now that the dealership had rejected his money, he would also come for 60 others, whose keys he grabbed on his way out. As expected, his wild imagination only landed him in jail. He should’ve upped his game after stealing from such an auto giant.

Jackson hadn’t planned well how to cater to the car’s needs, so he ran out of gas at a gas station, where authorities caught up with him. That’s just how he earned grand theft auto charges, per Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

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June 26 – Florida Man Arrested and Charged After Kicking Local Park Swans in Head for “Karate Practice”

In a world where anything could happen at any time, you better have some good motor skills and a strong handswing. Seems like some people know what the rest of us don’t and are seriously practicing as in for an apocalypse. But if you’re in Florida, you might think nothing should walk in your way of practice, not even the law. So, your entitlement could lead you to a Park and make you kick anything you find as hard as you can.

In the case of Rocco Mantella, the safest object he could find was the beautiful swans that appeared to be sleeping at the time of his attack. And if you ever find yourself operating under the Florida spirit, the least you can do is hit an animal and start laughing at people’s reactions. Mantella did that.

While you thought you had seen unemployed people’s ideas, this was off the hook. Just imagine Mantella was a man who planned his day on the eve and sat down thinking how he could improve his karate skills. So, he is there, probably avoiding directing his fights to humans as that could land him in cuffs. Well, his thoughts might have reached a stall when he thought of the swans he probably had seen at Lake Eola Park in Monaco and decided he would increase his leg swing power with. He probably thought he could get away with that.

So, one kick after another, the man hurt the swans so badly that they fell to the ground, as witnesses told the Orlando Police Department. And he wasn’t going to stop until the cops arrived at the scene. Besides, his laughter after seeing peoples’ reactions to his vice added to his problems with the law.

The law charged him with animal cruelty, saying he intentionally attacked the swans. In fact, a witness saw the 34-year-old leaving the walkway purposely approaching the swans.