Florida Man Calendar – July 4

July 4 – Florida Man Posing as Police Tries to Arrest Speeding Motorcyclist, Uses Plastic Badge

Expensive risks call for good pre-planning. You want to sit down and plan how to get clout, if you’ve chosen that way, and how to benefit off without crossing paths with the law. Things can get a little tricky if you’re posing as a cop and haven’t had the right proof – because no one’s a kid anymore.

Another thing, you may encounter a person who’s more enlightened about what you’re trying to do than you. A Florida man was arrested after trying to chase down a motorcyclist whom he thought was overspeeding. It’s unclear when the thought of being a trooper hit the man. He might have loved the coincidence of wearing camouflage shorts and a green shirt… Oh! He also had a plastic sheriff’s badge in his wallet. Those, and his little English should suffice in proving him as a cop, he probably thought.

As he was driving his silver pickup truck down Lake Minneola Shores, he saw a motorcyclist, who was otherwise minding his business. But the self-proclaimed cop thought it was time to shine. So, he cut the motorcyclist as he approached the US Highway 27 intersection, just as he was about to make a right turn, the arrest affidavit stated.

After trying to run the motorcyclist off the road, the truck driver forced his victim into a left turn lane. The truck driver hopped out of his car and advanced toward him rather enraged. Standing still, the motorcyclist might have watched the man approach him and expected something different from “I the police.”

And while the cyclist might have thought the guy was joking, he whipped a black wallet and flashed a plastic sheriff’s badge to prove it. Well, no one would believe he was a cop. Thinking the motorcyclist was convinced by his claims, the truck driver grabbed his hands, attempting to arrest him.

It almost ended up in a fight when the driver ripped the cyclist’s license plate off the bike. Cops later arrested Roger Jimenez from his home for False Impersonation and placed other charges.

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July 4 – Florida Man Without Driving License Shows Cops Homemade Mixtape When Pulled Over

No one drives recklessly without legal documents the cops could ask for – Driver’s License, insurance coverage, and registration. Well, that was not a big deal to a Florida man because all he could do in such a situation was to get creative. I mean, he had just composed a banger from home, and who wouldn’t vibe to it? Not even the cops, he thought.

Volvique Louis Jean Jr. was among the three drivers who almost ran into the Atlantic Community High School bus. Thankfully, the cops were present at the time and formed a small blockade with their golf carts, forcing the three cars to stop. One of the cops who asking for Jean Jr.’s Driver’s License was amused at the response he got. The 18-year-old’s plan to distract the cop seemed successful at first.

He handed the officer his homemade mixtape, thinking the officer would pop the CD in the disk changer. As the cop was inspecting the tape, the guy sped off with the other two drivers, hoping the cops would just let them go.

But shock on Jean Jr., he was arrested later that day, facing multiple charges including trespassing on school grounds, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, and fleeing and eluding.

The take-home message – don’t expect mixtapes to save the day when you’re pulled by cops after reckless driving. For whatever reason the man handed the cop the CD, nothing much happened about it. While people were curious about the songs it features, the cops went without posting it.

If Jean Jr. had tried to put his music out there, this was a lame effort for sure. He was released from the Palm Beach Jail on the same day of his arrest, getting a chance to go market his music better.