Florida Man Calendar – July 20

July 20 – The Story of Mr. and Mrs. Florida Man Comes With Twists and Turns

Jessica Devnani thought that she’d found true love with Gregory Bender. However, a Florida man often comes with personality traits you’d never expect. For example, a hedge fund manager isn’t typically cast as someone with a fierce temper or who is prone to fits of jealousy. But a hedge fund manager who’s also a Florida man? Devani quickly learned that Bender had those issues and more. She states that she never felt that she was in danger from Bender’s temper. However, she often found herself concerned about what Bender might do to any man who even hinted at having some interest in her. But surely that would change after he popped the question, right?

Unfortunately, things became more rather than less complicated after the engagement. Bender needed medical attention which was involved enough to require hospitalization in the ICU. Devani, the loving partner that she was, rushed to the hospital for a surprise visit during his recuperation. And standing by his bedside was another woman. A woman who, it turned out, was already married to Bender. The two women showed each other their rings in shock.

Bender would later tell Devani that it was just a marriage of convenience to help the woman’s son go to school in his district. However, he dragged his feet after saying he’d end the marriage. Devani eventually had enough and decided she needed to move on. But a Florida man tends to be a possessive man, and Bender started messaging Devani’s new love interest shortly after the relationship began. The Florida man, who was again still married, became increasingly hostile to Devani and her new boyfriend. Devani eventually had to have a restraining order put into effect. Sadly, Bender would take the life of Devani’s new boyfriend. And she would meet Bender’s wife once again as both women testified against him in court.

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July 20 – Finger Guns From Florida Man Prove To Be More Than a Sign of Endearment

Finger guns have long been one of the more free-spirited and fun ways to introduce yourself. Thinking about being given finger guns just tends to bring a smile to people’s faces. Even more so if combined with equally fun elements like a bright yellow shirt or a tiny dog. Part of what makes finger guns so jovial is the fact that they could never be taken as anything other than endearing. And they’d certainly never seem threatening, right? That’d only be true outside of Florida, because one Florida man decided to stress the “gun” part of finger guns.

Florida man William Rodriguez casually strolled into a dining establishment with his small dog at his side. The Florida man proceeded to make the familiar finger gun gesture. But there was a distinct lack of a smile on his face as he told the staff that he was robbing them. Staff would later comment that the Florida man seemed both high and drunk as he entered the premises. That initial evaluation would explain what happened next. Because Rodriguez didn’t go for the cash register. No, the Florida man instead grabbed napkins. Rodriguez proceeded to drive off, taking his dog and his newfound bounty of napkins with him. However, the Florida man’s mental state at that point didn’t lend itself to stealthy getaways and he was soon arrested.

Of course, the big question is how the crime would be classified. For perhaps the first time in history “finger guns” would need to be firmly defined under the law. And the answer – Rodriguez was charged with unarmed robbery and assault.