Florida Man Calendar – July 12

July 12 – Florida Man Gives Sheriff Fake Name to Avoid Arrest, Turns Out the Name Has Multiple Warrants

When woe comes your way, trying to escape it the wrong may lead to something worse. You may get away with it at first, if you’re lucky enough, but something very simple will turn you in eventually. We’ve seen cases of people who operated under the police radar for way too long until they thought it was time to confess their crimes.

Others went on with their lives, corrected their wrongs, and even sought education. However, at the point of seeking employment, they were busted for giving fingerprints registered as criminal. This was decades after their crime, with detectives doing all they could to find them. While you wonder how these people operated without crossing paths with the cops, they must have been fighting the urge to commit more crimes or to find peace that comes with exoneration.

A Florida driver might have tried to get away with some driving flaws but ended up with bigger problems. What he thought was a better name to give during arrest turned out to be worse. So, instead of dealing with his problems and leaving it at that, he gave the name of a person who was not supposed to be driving in the first place. Chances are, the man had bigger problems to his name, hence the reason he could not risk revealing his identity, or he simply never wanted any arrest records.

Officers stopped the man from Niceville State Road 85 after a deputy noticed the vehicle he was driving had a crack within his field of vision. Whatever the cops thought was his name and birthdate had a DUI warrant that suspended his driving license. So, he was arrested. After cops found out the man had given a wrong identity, he admitted he did so to avoid arrest on an outstanding warrant.

Soon, the cops found out he had a DUI and was wanted for aggravated battery.

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July 12 – Florida Man Loses 18-Foot Banana, Asks the Public for Help Finding It

In Florida, everyone is dealing with their own kind of problems. While some may find it hard to appear on TV for their countless crimes, others are simply minding their business, driving around an 18-ft banana. The paradox of the Sunshine State to host both the most innocent of men as well as the most screwed up.

In that land, you never know how your day will end until it does, in this state. You may be simply walking around a park and end up in a squirrel fight or have some falcons in your home that everyone envies.

While people are the most supportive in certain things, you may end up looking like a madman if your vibe is off. Well, a Florida man from Orlando seemed to have just the right vibe when he appeared on social media to report his lost 18-foot banana. Turns out the man was an artist and had sculptured his yellow giant fruit as part of the preparation for a local art show.

While it’s unclear why the man was driving the giant fruit around, we all know the excitement of making something appealing and avoiding the last-minute rush. He packed his giant fruit in his truck as he headed to work when it started raining in Central Florida. The man, Justin Skipper (SKIP) stopped by Wadeview Community Center and carried his piece of art to a covered pavilion as he waited for the weather to let up. But as time went, he realized it wasn’t getting any better. Because he had to get to work, he left behind his beloved sculpture intending to come back for it after his shift.

As expected, SKIP couldn’t find his giant art, so he took to social media before he realized the art was used as a centerpiece at a birthday party. A woman handed Skip the huge banana after posing with her son around its peels, during the son’s big day. Eva Childress said she took the banana from the Community Center parking lot after no one claimed it, thinking it would be a good addition to her son’s “Minion” themed birthday party.