Florida Man Calendar – August 5

August 5 – Florida Man Carjacks Ambulance Service Vehicle

It took a series of unfortunate choices to finally send Gregorey Brian McGall to jail. Initially, he apparently stole a truck and crashed it. McGall was found near this truck by a medical professional behind the wheel of a Chevy Tahoe, used as an ambulance service vehicle. The medical professional stopped to see if McCall was all right when he found McGall standing on the road. McGall went after the driver through the opened window. Eventually, McGall got inside the vehicle, fought with the driver and carjacked it from the medical professional.

The man initially driving the ambulance service Tahoe got out of the vehicle and called 911 for backup. He was not injured, but shaken up. McGall struck another vehicle as he drove away from the scene of the ambulance theft. At some point, he abandoned the vehicle out of sight of the second crash.

McGall was later arrested while riding with someone else. The driver of that vehicle, a Nissan Altima, had multiple warrants out for his arrest and both the driver and McGall were taken to jail. Cameras inside the ambulance service Tahoe indicated another crash closer to dawn and got a picture of the next driver of this twice-stolen vehicle.

McGall was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, carjacking and aggravated assault. The Tahoe was abandoned by the second thief and has been recovered, though in rough shape. Police are currently looking for the second thief and asking the public to review the captured image and contact them with any available information on the driver, the subsequent accident or accidents, and any other pertinent information.

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August 5 – Florida Man Burns Up Car of Ex-Girlfriend After Causing $1,500 Worth of Damage

A 40 year old man chose to badly dent the car of his ex-girlfriend after she found a new boyfriend. After damaging the car and ripping off the gas cover, he doused the vehicle in gasoline and lit it with the lighter he was carrying.

Indications are that Arthur Morrison of Clearwater, Florida proudly admitted to burning up the car after taking the time to dent it and tear up the gas cap. He and the owner of the car had dated for a year but that the relationship had ended four months previous. Once Morrison set the car on fire, he regretted his action and tried to put the fire out, but was unable to put out the flames.

Once the car was ablaze and he found he was unable to put the fire out, Morrison ran away from the scene. Because the owner of the car and a friend saw Morrison do the damage, they were able to report the vandal to police immediately. Upon his arrest, he admitted to damaging and setting fire to the car.

Morrison claimed to feel disrespected by the fact that the owner of the car was already dating again. As a result of his actions, he is now facing second degree arson, criminal mischief and several probation violations. It is important to note that probation violations in the State of Florida are taken very seriously. If you fail to report, fail a drug test or commit another crime, there’s a very good chance that you’re going back to jail. While prosecutors bear the burden of proving that you have violated your probation, your chances of getting and staying out of jail become more limited over time.