Florida Man Calendar – August 30

August 30 – Florida Man Claiming to be ‘Captain America’ Storms into MacDill Base with Gun

A Florida man attempted to drive into MacDill Air Force Base armed with an AR-15 rifle and over 100 rounds of ammunition.

Identified as veteran Baruche Roche II, the Florida man encountered security personnel at the base’s Dale Mabry entrance gate. After security asked the man to identify himself, he refused and instead proclaimed himself “Captain America.” Roche also claimed to have clearance from the U.S. Special Operations Command and demanded an audience with the general “to provide top secret information.”

According to a criminal complaint filed with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida, Roche then made additional “incoherent statements” and threatened to return daily to enact revenge on the security guards who denied him entry.

Officials eventually found that Roche held an expired military identification card with his real name printed on it. Authorities detained Roche due to his suspicious actions and disturbed mental state. Following an inspection of Roche’s Hyundai Genesis, officers uncovered a Colt AR-15 assault rifle and five firearm magazines with a total 125 rounds of .556 caliber ammunition.

Due to Roche’s continued behavior, officials summoned the Tampa Police Department’s Behavior Health Unit to conduct a mental health evaluation. The unit determined that Roche had extreme paranoia and psychosis. Roche also told police that he suffered from anxiety and depression for which he takes medication. Officers determined that it was best to hospitalize Roche per the state of Florida’s Baker Act.

Authorities later charged Roche with attempted possession of a firearm in a federal facility. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ross Roberts is the prosecutor of the case. If convicted, he could face a maximum penalty of one year in federal prison. The charge also means that Roche forfeited any rights to the rifle and ammunition that police found once he was detained.

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August 30 – Surveillance Camera Shows Florida Man Stealing a Walmart Cash Register

A Florida man faces charges after stealing a Walmart cash register, authorities say.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred in the Walmart Supercenter located on 174 Cypress Point Parkway in Palm Coast, Florida. Surveillance footage showed the man removing a cash box containing approximately $3,000 from the general merchandise section of the facility. He then exited the store with the box tucked under his arm, deputies said.

Flagler County officials previously described the man as bald or balding and wearing a bright red shirt. Authorities asked possible witnesses to contact Northeast Florida Crimestoppers or to contact the Flagler Sheriff’s Office directly.

Police officers later made a break in the case when the suspect posted a picture of himself on social media wearing the same red garment. Identified as John Michael Wakefield, the suspect’s photo featured an identical shirt with a “Key West” logo printed on the front. Authorities later thanked John Wakefield for his telltale choice of apparel.

“Mr. Wakefield had a bright red T-shirt that said Key West on it, which is a clue which we would call in law enforcement,” Chief David Williams said.

Deputies later tracked down Wakefield on Florida Turnpike’s Lake Service Plaza in Orange County. Law enforcement later said they found the incriminating red shirt inside of Wakefield’s gray Hyundai SUV. The search also revealed methamphetamine, a ski mask, and an airsoft gun stashed away in the car. Deputies then used facial recognition to identify the suspect since he had recently served over nine years in state prison.

“He had been arrested previously for robberies and similar types of crimes,” Williams said. The chief added, “So I guess this is what he does for a living.”

Wakefield now faces charges for robbery in Flagler County. He also faces additional charges for possession of meth in Orange County.

“He didn’t learn from his previous time behind bars,” Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly said. “I commend our investigative team, our Real Time Crime Center team, and the Florida Highway Patrol for ending his crime spree.”